paper planes

a love letter
can’t say something
about a thought
or a wish
or a dream
then feign ineptness
on possible interpretations
a love letter
unlike the page from a romance novel
ripped out
is the plotted climax
disconnected only by flesh
so if I was to write
I wish…
I dream…
I think…
I wouldn’t put it in a love letter
because unlike romance novels
fueled with overburdened intent
love letters can soar like paper planes
transporting subtext
along forlorn currents
attempting to reach destinations
romance novels can only write about

Lion Dreams

Lion Dreams

created in 2014 with Prisma pencil, previously published


27 thoughts on “paper planes

  1. Great poem and great drawing. I can identify with the lion . . . powerful; the alpha predator of the neighborhood, yet he wants something more, something he can’t acheive. Regardless of how “alpha” we actually are, isn’t this really a foundation of the human condition? I feel a re-blogg in te breeze.


  2. Set of nice words packed in a post of yours:) Provokes one to think how the Creator strikes a fine balance in nature: The Lion may be on top of the food chain, but it cannot achieve everything it wants.


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    • You are too generous and sweet. I humbly appreciate the kind gesture. But, as I’ve received awards when in the first throws of blogging, I now ask thoughtful nominators such as yourself to please pass on these terrific awards to other deserving blogs of which there are so many to choose from.
      I do humbly appreciate your kindness.
      Thank you again for thinking of my blog in this way. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Okay I will do AnnMarie! You are a very kind nice woman and be sure to always remember that! You are always going to be a winner in my book AnnMarie!


      • Your welcome and by the way that joke you made a while back saying ‘vcrs can be great friends too’ inspired me to write a story about a guys whose gf dies and comes back to life as a VCR and can talk as the vcr and like being human in a vcr. It’s called ‘Julie Holland The VCR’ you will be happy to hear a lot of people loved that one and you were the inspiration. Very funny story and very different.


      • Yea I thought people were going to think it was too silly but even critical people thought it was very creative and a story that hadn’t been done ever before. One girl wanted to know what he does with his gf now she is a VCR like she believed it was difficult to have a relationship with someone one is a VCR. I told her they watch the sunset rise together and she loved that. I see you liked my ‘Rita B Blogger Award’ I created it and it’s Very Very Prestigious I resisted my temptation to nominate you and did as you said. I think I made those 11 girls feel real special and I think Rita B will be very happy I created an award and named it after her in her honor and that it stands for something very good.

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