the pirate’s code

do you believe in the pirate’s mask
X marks the spot
gold beyond the dreams of your dreams
so I’m told


the pirate can lead you there with his gruffled face
that snarled nose jammed between eyes of imperfect steel
the right, concealed behind a veil of black
like the dark ship he sails at midnight


will you bury your treasure for future seekers
whose dreams follow a map

or will you drink it away, swilling dirty rum
and dare the living to find it


will you hoard for fear of emptiness
laying curse to lock and lid
abiding by the code–
seekers walk the plank beneath the jolly roger
while you adore your black ship,
the wild sea and a dreamer’s treasure

you know
will never be found…


animated refuse

animated refuse

26 thoughts on “the pirate’s code

  1. Ahoy, matey! Arr, I confess to knowing very little about pirates, so I’m wingin’ it here. First, have to say I really like the pirate and every time I look at him I swear I see a map of world — intended, or just me? Second, personally? I’d swill dirty rum, but my preference would be red wine. Third, those seekers walking the plank, and the “you” (read “he”?) adoring his black ship knowing those sought-after things won’t be found? “He” sounds dastardly, nicht wahr? I’m not sure I like this pirate … but I guess pirates really aren’t the best of characters, even if they do have a code. πŸ˜‰


  2. So much wonderful imagery in this…So clever all those X’s…searching for treasure he knows will never be found…more breath taking skilled mastery of words and a humble marker pen…you never cease to amaze me, A M with your amazing talent and skill! Thank you so, I can feel a stiff salt breeze on me cheeks…time to get up! πŸ™‚ xx


  3. Fabulous! Took one look at this pirate and had to go get my second cup πŸ™‚
    This is amazing in so many ways….the Xs in the poem…..the black veiled eye like the dark ship at midnight….the map in the face. At first I thought the face was “torn” — you know how people do that with paper and suddenly there’s a figure there….then I saw it’s too detailed for that, in an undetailed way…does that make sense? And the scar he wears….the x in the map. This is quite amazing….somehow I think there must be a place out there that you should submit it to —-dare I say the word, “publish”? It’s really so intricately designed, the words with the face with the map. Blimey….the only thing missing is the parrot! Me thinks it walked the plank! πŸ™‚ Color me intrigued by this one!


    • Thank you, Lillian.
      This one was fun. Here’s an example where I thought, hey, I’d like to draw a mask. I originally was going to create a Mardi Gras type image then I thought, nah, a pirate face turned into a mask turned into a map… then I can write something about seeking “fortune” in life…and this fella was born πŸ™‚
      I appreciate your vote of confidence. I will one do attempt to publish some of these…
      I recently sent out my first illustrated work – it’s a Middle Reader type ‘book’ – incorporating endangered species and monsters…we’ll see. I’m currently working on older manuscripts that were written years ago – I’m salvaging a few to resubmit…

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