On My Way to Shangri-La

I’m on my way to Shangri-La
Β  utopian state
carved deep within a mountain valley
and steeped in lush promise

if I enter this harmonious climax
I’m not sure I’d be willing to share
my lips might seal like Tut’s tomb
toward those who covet rejuvenation

or perhaps I’ll surprise myself
enlightening others of a place where
words find themselves and settle into their meanings
wine, nectar and willow wind for all

maybe I’m not good that way
tempted by a steaming paradise born of sublime art
to wet my back and feast my eyes only
might be asking too much of me

what good all this knowledge
if only to give it out and end up with precious little
“to the victor go the spoils”
fantasies are kindled by motive

an exotic kingdom of one
defining a life’s work like treasure in a gilded casket
while existence survives in willingness
but fortune bears better threading

I pray on my quest to Utopia
I remember the warmth of flesh on mine
as all tombs are eventually unearthed
and all fabrics eventually disintegrate
Gold Egyptian in marker a few weeks ago.


15 thoughts on “On My Way to Shangri-La

  1. Okay, so like this one’s definitely going on “the list.” This is terrific, AnnMarie. Genuine-the-real-stuff. Like your gorgeous Egyptian, every line is golden. I can’t gush enough. This is truly kick-ass stuff! Shit, man! This is fantastic!


    • Mario Lanza was singing a song from the musical, Carousel. I started thinking about, The Sound of Music and mountains then I remembered the movie, Lost Horizons and thought, gosh – I’d like to write something about seeking and how so often the human ego clouds the path there…


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