Creating Creative Space

Sometimes, inspiration comes in the shape of serendipity…

The inspiration
I was recently contacted by a cutting-edge company called WeWork asking if I’d like to share a post on my ideal studio space. This company encompasses a fresh approach to ingenuity and I was glad to learn such cool places exist. They offer creative co-working space in a collaborative working environment. You get the benefit of both internal and external energy as their studio spaces are located in several major cities.

The serendipity

My mother-in-law just sold her home in New Mexico and will be moving into my home, specifically, my studio space and adjoining music room the end of this September. My art belongings and I will move down into our finished basement. If all goes as planned, we will build a new studio at some point off the house somewhere…

Studio sentimentality
Since finding out my mother-in-law’s news, I’ve been contemplating what my studio has meant to me while also envisioning a new space. My blog’s header image is my current studio. I chose that image because it’s the heart of where I work. Each time I step into my studio and close the door behind me, all my life hats come off, except one. It is behind this studio door, in this most intimate space, where I do my best thinking, painting, drawing and writing…

studio red wallThe 30-second tour
In my studio there is a place for everything and the places are many-
cubbiessupply binswheel drawershelvesThe open areas keep the covered walls of inspiration from closing in-
studio angle table,easel,deskThe most important thing about a studio and I know not one creative mind would disagree with me here is lighting–there must be abundant natural light or the kind that lets you believe you do. In the evening, if I turn on all the lights in my studio I have faux daylight-
tableMy studio is my second home. Once inside, I’m transported to a place that allows me to think and work regardless of what’s happening on the other side of the door or in the world-
desk, laptopThese notes are the greatest source of inspiration for me-
max notecar noteFuture space dream…
I’ve loved this studio space. It has been very kind to me and I shall miss it. But I look forward to gaining a new space. When I researched the WeWork website, I found their interior studio designs very inspiring. I may try for a more clutter-free arrangement next time around. Right now, sky is the limit–that is–once I escape from the basement. 😉

Thank you,


29 thoughts on “Creating Creative Space

  1. If your art turns DARK and Evil, from being out of this wonderful place and forced into the basement…I’ll tell you to RUN. Maybe your mother-in-law would like the peaceful quietness of the basement rather then evict you from your spot. She probably wouldn’t care. It’s nice that she can live with you. 🙂 You can build her a lovely room…”somewhere” and then it can be hers:) If not…good luck…I’ll watch for a change in your work…LOL You are a lovely daughter-in-law.


  2. Love the notes from your children. So interesting to see inside your space. To close the door and remove your other hats for a bit, the space is food for your creative space.
    You are a loving daughter-in-law to give up this place. Will you have some natural light in you finished basement?
    Transition – allow for adjustment. Breathe and allow yourself to stretch 🙂


  3. AnnMarie, this is a wonderful “peek” at your sanctum sanctorum — that special place where the magic happens. I love looking at creatives’ spaces, seeing what totems and other significant items adorn their shelves, bookcases, bulletin boards, etc. Your work space is warm and gracious — as is the artist/writer who works there. Even though you’re in for a change, remember that change can be very good. Who knows what new directions that toggle may send you! Embrace the move and the move will embrace you (that sounds like something that Grasshopper kid on TV would have been told). 🙂 Have a great weekend, Miss 😉


  4. I love your space. Thank you for sharing. I see that you too are an art supply hoarder. Nothing like having the right tool for the job. (or five of the exact same tools)
    I’m certain that you’ll enjoy your new studio. Can’t wait to see what you brew up down I the basement.


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