brushing prose

brushed my German Shepherd today
if you know the breed, you know the chore
a well-earned rest for me,
not the strapping dog

the day bordered on near perfect
cool air, light breeze, warm sun – get the picture
there I lay, on my little deck mat
following a hawk looping against oxygen blue
when they arrived
a directionless batch of dandelion seeds
destined to root

I contemplated fate
arriving at sanguine lines
for these husked creators
I grabbed pen and paper
before my poetic stamen
harkened away in the fertile air

while sowing dilettante declarations
the breeze cut out
the seeds alighted by my shoulder
this fuzzy clutch of flower eggs
was but a tuft of airborne dog fur

my fluid muse instantly shriveled
perhaps, a teachable moment if
all was not lost to hubris and
a hair clump

the sky bright
a hawk sailed
it was yet,
an unsung day of promise
and a fine-looking German Shepherd
rockyMy hairy dog–Rocky, rendered in pencil a few days ago – more crayon fun with pencil sketch beneath


30 thoughts on “brushing prose

  1. I like this — a lot. Yes, there’s the wit, but underneath stirs the heart of a poet and the brain of a philosopher, and on the surface, of course, there’s the good graces of a responsible dog owner. πŸ™‚ Truly though, there’s an unmistakable controlled, confident tone/voice here that’s so, so nice. And that drawing of Rocky — he really is a fine-looking gentlemen (those eyes!). Perfecto, Miss.


  2. I absolutely LOVE this drawing. It’s so wonderful. That’s my favorite breed. I had one and I think they are so beautiful. πŸ™‚ Sorry your muse ran but your poem surveyed. Some days that’s all we can hope for:)


  3. Love the juxtapositioning of the poetic muse and the task of brushing your dog….the wisps hit you and then float away. Ah yes, amazing German Shepherds. We had beautiful shepherds for many many years. That undercoat just keeps coming and coming in the summer, the brushing is never ending. You could make an entire carpet of that thick undercoat that comes off in hunks! I always did this task in the back yard and inevitably, some of the chunks of fur would float away (like dandelion seed pods — good connection — of course, heavier and denser)….and cling to the grass or bushes. I’m certain they ultimately made their way to some bird nests in the neighborhood!
    You’ve captured that wonderful look when they perk up their ears and cock their heads, looking at you in apt attention, as if to say, “What did you say?” LOVE this drawing and many thanks for bringing back those wonderful memories of Lyra, Toby, and Clancy! πŸ™‚


    • I was having some fun with this one – every time I brush Rocky – I curse then believe my arm will fall off πŸ˜‰ The GS is a spectacular breed. So nice knowing you had a few of them yourself πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your kind words here, Lillian.

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