Thanking God

Gethsemane/acrylicI think during sleep
and rest at sunup.
I like my coffee black
as long as it’s the color of caramel.
I enjoy warm red wine from a tumbler–
glass stems make me nervous.
is the voice you may speak to me in.
For several years,
a guitar and banjo have held up a wall–
I’m supposed to embrace them.

When the piano cries for attention,
I occasionally oblige.
My mother has a beautiful voice.
My family doesn’t enjoy when I rattle the walls in song.
A boisterous Italian belting out, “Danny Boy”
may not grant me, “luck of the Irish,”
but I often feel fortunate.
Did you know that?
I cherish the people in and around my humble life.
Next time I talk with God–
not Satan,
he doesn’t like pianos

I’ll be sure to say thank you…


portrait – acrylic – my Catholic school interpretation of Gethsemane done way back when…


19 thoughts on “Thanking God

  1. Somehow the idea that Satin doesn’t like pianos is very comforting. I, too, had a guitar holding up a wall for several years…it never even made it out of its case. Both are in storage now. Happy Wednesday – Fawn


    • I couldn’t imagine the devil and a piano – it could be that old Charlie Daniel’s tune forever stuck in my head – “Devil Goes Down to Georgia,” fiddles only 😉
      Maybe someday you’ll strum that guitar, Fawn. I haven’t removed the banjo from my list either 🙂


  2. the shape of the jaw, the dark pigment that creates the clavicle (is that right?), the ever so slight sweet heart hair line. And somehow, to me, there is a pained expression here. Another amazing portrait.
    Ah, your words….so you’re a cream in your coffee lady? Take mine black, the stronger the better. I’ve learned to appreciate espresso from my daughter….and thank you for you, Ann Marie.


    • This is an interpretation from my Catholic school days – he is in pain – lots of pain – as we all were in school – and were taught about this man…ah, the guilt starts so very early…
      This piece is over thirty years old – I no longer even have the original – not sure where it went. This is a scan of an old photo.
      Yes, I’m a creamer gal – I like fancy flavors – ideally sugar-free (as if that matters ;)). When at Starbucks – it’s a french latte with the aftereffect of a lighter wallet… 😉
      Thank you for your thoughtful words.

      Liked by 1 person

      • …ah, another Starbucks gal! 🙂
        Yep…guilt started early in those Catholic school days. I remember my dad (non religious) sitting asking me my catechism questions! Memorization skills were really honed!


  3. Well, Catholic school biblical interpretations certainly have hotter characters than those of my Protestant upbringing, 🙂 (Seriously, great portrait, AM.) And also seriously: This post is a tender, personal one that is so lovely to read and reminds us all how fortunate we all really are so long as we have friends and family and we stop and appreciate the small things — like coffee, wine, musical instruments, and wine (did I mention wine?). Very nice, AM, 😉


  4. Ha ha ha!! I never saw THAT hunk in my Catholic classes. If I had I may have taken a better interest. I also think in my sleep and rest in the morn. (must be a commonality among geniuses LOL!)
    Love this post AM!!


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