an old market and Hemingway

walking through the old Parisian market
it’s a bit warm
but the wide-brimmed hat cools
spent your take home pay on couture
wearing a hand-colored print
most of your life has been devoted to
searching for him
among throngs of meandering shoppers
eyes vigilant
your hands busied
squeezing Mirabelle plums
as if they know how to select fruit
the few dollars in your purse
not enough to buy food for the week
still there is the desire
of sweet and ripe and perfect
the late noon sun lowers
evening clouds come calling
you reach to shut the light
there will be another day for hope
and sipping to lost love
another night forgetting
there is no market
never a man
only turning pages
beneath an antique reading lamp
beyond the words
into a rhythmic breathing

rat pack dream

rat pack dream

it must be hat week for me 😉
art previously published


18 thoughts on “an old market and Hemingway

    • …and enjoying.
      Just finished, Old Man and the Sea. I’d read it 30 years ago and couldn’t remember if he made it back with his enormous catch intact. I’m enjoying the reconnection – it’s as if all these stories and authors are new again (thanks to my horrid memory ;)).
      Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! Man hot day out today but I bought myself a Tom Brady jersey supporting my hero! Good price too. Glad to be in my room with the ac. I can bust out some crayons do some Tom Brady drawings! I want to do some wrestlers too maybe Goldberg!


  2. Gotta love Papa Hem. Perfect brushstrokes here, AnnMarie … but there’s one deft stroke that is exquisite: Mirabelle plums. That detail alone nails the scene for me, takes me to Paris. (d)


    • Thanks, Lillian.
      I hope to catch up on other blogs tomorrow. This art teacher subbing is oodles of work. My son’s football game went well – they won and he didn’t get hurt at tackle. But I felt for the other team – they lost by quite a bit.I also had my book club last night and bbq today.
      Hope you are feeling better. Have a wondrous Bostonian weekend, my friend.

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