this time of year

may I call you out
it’s time
the nights are growing colder
the mornings chilly
leaves are weary and falling
the trees want to sleep
their shadows have cooled
and something is pressing in the wind
like a secret around the corner
this time of year
the minute hand seems to
overpower the hour
stepping through that next door
another calendar to markup with activity
summer is worn out
it’s time
for the harvest to begin
every time you change
I wish they could stay the same
and play with dolls just a little longer
Gallean with ragdoll
Galeen on a ‘shroom painted on paper a few weeks back


19 thoughts on “this time of year

  1. I like the way you’ve tied-in the seasonal changes with your growing young’uns. Lovely.
    As for your drawing – She’s adorable! The luminosity that you’ve created with your unique color choice is fantastically creative! Like the light blue highlights in her black hair and the shroom colors!!

    I barely notice the seasonal changes here in Florida, so it’s good to hear that the harvest is abound.


  2. Ah, my little friend Galeen … glad to see her again. So sweet, this artwork. And may I say, AM … your posts are just getting better and better as the days and seasons go by. Really, I’m running out of superlatives … πŸ™‚


  3. Fall is my favorite season (not surprisingly, I’m a Libra), and you have captured the anticipation just perfectly. We are still in 100 degree weather, but the nights are getting cooler and I can almost feel that wonderful crispness in the air. Love your sweet Galeen…but one need never be too old to play with dolls! Hugs to you this Monday morning. – Fawn


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