Uncle Stan’s Cloud

a car flies down the road though how could it
there are no feathers only heavy metal and fumes
anchoring its chassis to earth
a fly buzzes around the fruit bowl
as if it has something to say about the arrangement
you go to close the kitchen window where the fumes and the fly entered
up there in the sky, a cloud shaped like Uncle Stan
you haven’t called him in awhile
not since he went to the rest home, the one that doesn’t smell so funky
the car, the fly, and the cloud aren’t
in possession of anything mystical
the car doesn’t have wings
though the fly does
the car, the fly and the cloud move fast 
some believe cars have spirits
otherwise car names are pointless
even if the headlights resemble eyeballs
and a fly who doesn’t like the fruit arrangement
without elevated thought
would just be annoying
so leave the window open and let the car fumes pass
the fly will have an exit for making its escape
and for the love of Aunt Lucy, gone these seven years
please don’t forget to call Uncle Stan


this graphic created in 2014 makes me happy – she’s just silly
previously published


29 thoughts on “Uncle Stan’s Cloud

      • I’ve not tried Prisma pencils, tried water colour pencils although they are a bit too light so I just use actual paint. I like how your poetry actually speaks out. Again, it is purely beautiful.


      • I also use watercolor markers – Tombows – very bold colors straight or you can water them down a bit – extremely versatile and wonderful for experimenting – you can use prismas (have very rich buttery color and blend really well)over those too for finite detail and I sometimes even sneak in a little acrylic for highlights – thank you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. And I love the “play of the mind” here — it’s like watching the writer’s mind leap from one idea to the next, allowing that pesky fly to draw the reader through the associative leaps (I know what I’m talking about, really; it just seems like I’m rambling ;)). Really, AM, a f.f. at heart. And I always like seeing that winged graphic — she does make a body smile. 🙂


    • Thank you, Darren.
      In the past, I’ve sent out longer manuscripts in the YA/MR fantasy genre. Over the past 1/2 year or so I’ve sort of found this ‘free verse’ style. I’m going to try and submit some of these pieces to online journals and we’ll see.
      I truly appreciate your vote of confidence .


  2. I just re-read my comment — oh my gosh! My grammar is terrible. I dropped my friend off so SHE could have the procedure. Geez, my writing is getting terrible –> I’m going to blame my fingers. It’s all their fault!!!


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