little diablo enjoys fuss

devilishIf we know the, “devil lurks in the details,”
why do we insist on conquering minutia
and allow our pressure to boil red
I was once taught by folks who prayed looking up,
heaven is a big cool land
whose tenants are interested in just the basics:
kindness, civility, sincerity and humility.
Down below,
the devil is entertained
by those who enjoy hot complexity.

Interesting idiom history: the original idiom was, “God is in the detail,” meaning attention must be paid to the small things–all are important. The more popular, “the devil is in the details,” warns us that mistakes are usually made in the small checkpoints of a project. It’s meant as a caution. So my little post takes a different position. I sometimes think many of us (me included) get so wrapped in the minutia of our daily lives, we have less time for the greater human aspect.

little diablo brought to life a few weeks back after grocery shopping

speaking of minutia-I loathe grocery shopping;)


32 thoughts on “little diablo enjoys fuss

  1. Well you had something special in store for us. What a Beautiful Drawing AnnMarie!!! I Love It!! What a super talented and a super gifted person you are. Very beautiful drawing. Keep up the good work!


  2. AM, on a day where I seemed to bathe in minutia I couldn’t agree more with your post’s message (rendered so beautifully, I might add, in kind, sincere, civil and humble words … with a kickass graphic to illustrate [love those piercing, golden eyes!]). And thank you for the FYI re: “who is in the details.” It’s good to know the idiom’s history — which is very interesting indeed! Happy Wednesday to you, Miss, 🙂


  3. I like this little guy very much! And I have finally figured out that it is not the grocery shopping I dislike, it is unloading the car and putting the groceries away afterwards. I love that my sweet son-in-law asks, “Is there more?” when I walk in with grocery bags, then brings everything else in from the car and puts it all away. As long as I bring ice cream… – Fawn


  4. Ok….had to read one more of your posts before I tackle laundry and the other “minutia” of tasks facing one who returns from 2+ weeks in an awe-inspiring land! 🙂
    Love this devil and love your take on the phrase. Totally agree — the need to focus on the big picture can escape us in our daily lives. Wise one you are, my friend, with brush and pen! 🙂
    Missed you…………….see you in the AM!


    • Hope you’re tackling those laundry piles with gridiron style;). I would imagine those laundry piles forming gorgeous snow-capped peaks in your mind.
      I created this horned fellow a few weeks back and had to come up with something for him. This was one where the art definitely drove the words. A little info piece 🙂 I think big picture focus would keep many more folks happy than to be little tasked to death.
      Thank you:)


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