ocean rain

the bullet-grey sky today
is raining, you know
made me feel less lonely
you might be looking at the sun
weatherman says rain tomorrow
the droplets whisper
they came from your ocean
let the rains come to kiss my cheeks
and keep me company


dolphin from an ocean far away, maybe


21 thoughts on “ocean rain

  1. Once again “like minds thinking alike,” I read your verse and realized I’ve written something very similar, although mine is about your favorite subject (hint: it’s called “La Bella Luna”). 🙂 I’ve had it in the queue for a while. Yours is better.

    Anyway, I like this ocean verse very much, AM. It’s got “edge” (reminds me of what you were doing a while back) and, spooled out as sentences rather than lines, could easily be FF. Love the dolphin as well, of course, naturally, of course. 🙂


  2. So many times, rain is seen as melancholy, dreary, foreboding. You’ve managed to turn that on its head here…..and make the rain a blessing, a reminder of another, a kiss upon a cheek. Love the words. Love the drawing.
    Having fun catching up, I am! 🙂


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