the other side of the rainbow

“we’ll find a way of forgiving”
is this true
wouldn’t that be beautiful
not to end
in hatred
but to persevere
in love
“somewhere over the rainbow”
because we can’t stay on this side anymore
we learn to cherish

internal not eternal beauty
of children
of people
of humanity
that rainbow keeps looking better
on the other side
green lush, pure blue

conflicts end with handshakes
not burning holes
what color there would be
what a brilliant world we could live in
we’re but one side away
if only

SImon Says Peace

Simon Says Peace

Created last year for a dear blogger friend–Simon Tocclo, a man of action trying to affect genuine change in Liberia. Among his many social platforms, Simon can also be found through his blog, Liberian Me

“We’ll find a way of forgiving,” borrowed from, West Side Story
“Somewhere over the rainbow,” borrowed from, The Wizard of Oz

friendship and slaying beasts

There is an eternal chamber
protected by beasts
both good and evil
we must be patient
and wait for the precise moment
when the light shines
to see in the dark

it is difficult slaying in blackness
to separate the good from the evil
we will do battle side by side

I will distract with my blunt sword
while you strike true
these wicked beasts
must be felled
by the one who woke them

we each must foster
our own conclusion
we each must destroy
our own inhibition
it is difficult slaying beasts alone

 let us battle on side by side
you know
even superheroes need sidekicks

hall monister

hall monister