friendship and slaying beasts

There is an eternal chamber
protected by beasts
both good and evil
we must be patient
and wait for the precise moment
when the light shines
to see in the dark

it is difficult slaying in blackness
to separate the good from the evil
we will do battle side by side

I will distract with my blunt sword
while you strike true
these wicked beasts
must be felled
by the one who woke them

we each must foster
our own conclusion
we each must destroy
our own inhibition
it is difficult slaying beasts alone

 let us battle on side by side
you know
even superheroes need sidekicks

hall monister

hall monister

16 thoughts on “friendship and slaying beasts

  1. Waiting for that light, Miss. As you say, the beasts must be felled “by the one who woke them” — ah, isn’t that the truth indeed. We woke them. But the answer comes in battling together; there is the power, the strength. We’re never alone.

    Love the sketch, the power inherent in that superhero. Let’s do some serious battling, shall we?

    Thank you for these inspirational words which come, at least for this reader, at the most perfect time.


    • You know, my dear friend,
      I’m heading into the red zone of burnout again. This one is coming in faster than the last. Slow the road. When I put this post up – after others I wasn’t supposed to ’cause I’m not supposed to be doing weekends (so I don’t burnout), I began thinking about people, specifically friends and how important they are to living, surviving and just all around earthly goodness:)
      Hope all is well your way..drum roll
      Yea for friends.
      this morn I was greeted by Google with a tennis court and ball going back and forth…ooo…


      • Eml to specifically address this … but please know, the perfect post, perfectly posted at the perfect hour. You are a perfect friend.
        And Google — I’m checkin’ it out (cool!). 🙂


  2. “we each must destroy
    our own inhibition
    it is difficult slaying beasts alone
    let us battle on side by side
    you know
    even superheroes need sidekicks
    to conquer their villains”
    Okay…..felled by an upper respiratory virus and the loads of laundry I haven’t gotten to, lacking sleep from this darn chest cough, missing the awesomeness of Alaska, my words have escaped me these last few days…..and I’m reading that you are nearing burnout dear friend. So — perhaps we need to be each other’s sidekicks here…..and spur each other on! (LOVE those thighs in this sketch — oh that they could be the shape of my 68 year old dimpled ones!)….
    Push on good friend………..BUT, take time for yourself too. Me thinks your mother-in-law moves in this fall? And, sadly, tomorrow I shall replace my summer wreath with the fall one…….although the turning colors warm my soul.
    I start a 21 day poetry challenge tomorrow with my poetry mentor (online course) so, hopefully that will stir up my enthusiasm again. Did do my eagle poem this morning…..although it was a bit difficult for my spirits to soar with the wings of this magnificent creature, while hacking and blowing my nose!
    A toast to you…..may we both develop thighs like this and the wisdom to know when we need a rest! 🙂


    • I would imagine it difficult adjusting one’s eyes after being part of Alaska’s breathtaking vistas. Those magnificent visuals will become pure gorgeous memories.
      I’m again, so very sorry you’re not 1oo percent, Lillian. You had an active Alaskan adventure and now your body is saying “where’s my vacation.”;)
      Oh, to have super villain thighs – I’d exchange good for evil 😉 In my little silly “About,” I even mention thighs. I married a giant man with thighs bigger than mine (it goes something like that:)).
      Good luck with your poetry challenge. It will swirl your thoughts in that mind petri dish and fab will come out!
      I’m being pulled in one too many directions and none include my head. I just have to slow a bit. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You ease up too, young lady!

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