See my ROAR, Hear my PEN, Taste my ART

what is it we are trying to earn
what is it we want to hear
with the heart of a child
and the head of an adult
what is the purpose
placing our raw insides
on fleeting outsides

is it for others to appreciate
what we’re trying to say
or are we desperate to hear
what we wish they would tell us

see my ROAR
hear my PEN
taste my ART

won’t you

homage to Moreau

homage to Moreau

art previously published
she’s certainly screaming for attention in all kinds of ways๐Ÿ˜‰


22 thoughts on “See my ROAR, Hear my PEN, Taste my ART

  1. Wow, I recognize that look. It usually means my otter life of fun and frolic is about to get a time-out. Excellent as always! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. A perfect description of “the artist”: “heart of a child,” “head of an adult.” So true. And who else, willingly, places their “raw insides on fleeting outsides”? No one but artists and fools. I would weigh in on suggestion #2 — that, really, we’re “desperate to hear what we wish they [others] would tell us.” Validation. To communicate — or as E.M. Forster says, to “only connect.” It’s what we can do, connect, through the pen and brush stroke — just as you have so wondrously done here, in this post. You’re roaring, Miss, that’s easily seen. This Moreau gal — I’m both afraid and jealous of her (especially that knockout bod). ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. ….when we put the pen to the paper, the fingers to the keyboard, the brush to the paper…..a bit of ourselves pours out. Vulnerability —- the artist’s risk.
    Excellent words today – as always!
    Me thinks you need a bikini clad creature for this heatwave we’re in!!!


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