world weary

too late?
are we way past cynical
world weary is that the label
tightly sewn on earth’s lapel
and to the inside of our skin
are we world weary
tired of being soft and forgiving
is hard and loud the only way
to seek gratification and make noise
what happened to the little kindnesses
that made the world
feel like warm slippers after a cool rain

Earth's Angel

Earth’s Angel

art previously published


20 thoughts on “world weary

  1. well…..sometimes my world, your world, can feel like warm slippers after a cool rain. The task is to catapult that feeling forward to others….and to make the world a kinder place. Cynicism is an end…..let’s look to beginnings.
    I love earth’s angel! And when I look carefully, I can find many heart shapes you’ve drawn in her and her halo is positivity and blessings!


  2. AnnMarie if you would…send this to A$P. Love your angel. I’ve given up trying to figure out what’s going on. No way to know. I don’t think it really matters whether we are here or not. We weren’t here before and we won’t always be here, that’s for sure. Nothing will be here. Well cold that we can’t even imagine and darkness like nothing we’ve every experienced, that’s for sure. But no matter where we would go, if we could go anywhere, I don’t think we would change in the least. This is who we are, that’s why this world is like it is. We made it this was or allowed it to happen so…this is us and what we are. Terrifying but true to me, at least.


  3. So much to savor here, AM. I love the idea of earth having a lapel and a label sewn “tightly” into it — and a label sown as well “inside our skin.” How you think of these images — amazing. And that last lovely line — I could actually feel those warm slippers, and who would have thought to put them on “after a cool rain”? You! AM! Fact. Really, the state of the world may be weary, but your words are a beacon of hope — even for the poor refugees streaming into Europe. And Earth’s Angel says it all, doesn’t it? A thousand words, at least. Have a good day, AnnMarie. 🙂


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