in the matter of a pet

in the matter of a pet
in the matter of a human heart
how a homespun beast does travel
to the very core of our nature
to the very depth of our soul
yes, yes they ask
with earnest eyes
for food, shelter, warmth
and yes,

they crave affection,

in their need and desire for love
these homespun beasts
invoking the simple language
of patient creatures
teach us
remind us
and often shame us
into the realization
of our responsibilities
as caretakers for one another

it is we
who need them

blue boys

blue boys

our blue boys, recently published, painted in acrylic a few weeks ago


17 thoughts on “in the matter of a pet

  1. These words are beautifully ominous, AnnMarie, and I read them with a side-glance hoping that maybe, perhaps … but I know the situation all too well, have gone through it and will soon go through it again … and all I can say is “I’m sorry” and I’m thinking of Rocky and you and your family who have given him such a great depth of love. More importantly, you’ve given Rocky the ability to be a joyful dog — something many dogs will never have the opportunity to experience.

    “Yes, yes they ask with earnest eyes” — oh, you are so right about that, my friend. Dogs are always embracing life, always, even to the end. It’s a good lesson for us all. This morning, after I read your wonderful words Charlie looked at me with those pleading chocolate eyes of his; he wanted to go out and play ball, and even though I had much to do, even though I could easily have put him off until later — I chose to take the time because I’d read your kind, reminding words here. I hope the sun is shining down on the Kissack family today — I know it’s shining wherever Rocky is. xo, (d)


    • Ah, thank you. I mostly try posting at night, but this just sort of came out this morning after I was hanging with Rocky a bit. Gosh, he’s only 7 years old.
      He’s pretty sick and though the steroids make him seem almost fine – it’s cancer and it’s all over the place. He’s comfy and happy right now but a peaceful end is very near for this most excellent friend. Thank you so very much for your kindness. And I hope Bobbie Sue is comfortable as well. Darn, darn, darn, these animals.


      • I hope for Rocky’s (and your) sake that he can have a good quality of life right up to the end, whenever that may be — I hope he has no pain, only comfort and love (and I know he’ll get gobs of the latter in the Kissack home). Bob and I were just saying tonight we’re so glad we got to meet Rocky and Mojo this summer — what great dogs they both are! Isn’t it strange that you did that wonderful painting just recently? Perhaps prescience? Whatever, thank heavens you did it. We’ll see how well Bobbie Sue does when she gets weened off her steroids; that will be telling indeed. Ah, these four-legged “kids.” Your poem has so eloquently stated what I can only attempt to say (and poorly fumble at) here. So true, we’re the one’s who need them.


      • Thank you (d).
        I know it is so very strange about the painting. I kept meaning to do one for awhile and finally said, “It’s time.”
        I’m so glad he looks so happy and energetic in the painting – that’s how we’ll remember him. Again, so very sorry for Bobbie Sue’s situation too.
        Thank you for your kind words again – they mean much.

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