on my knees

cropped Squantoon my knees
to paint your lips
the spectacular colors I’ve memorized
your touch my instincts imitate
when you are not with me
singularly intense
crushed virgin pigment

were I to add oil binders
cannot approach the depth of you
my canvas supplanted in rich hues
a mockery upon your exquisite mouth


31 thoughts on “on my knees

      • Well I might need to go back to 150mg of lamictal or I might have to just wait out the side effects I seem to be suffering from the adjustment of the meds. Unfortunately when you do adjustments there are side effects and either those pass or you have to go back to the reg dose. I am sure my doctor when he calls will know what to do tomorrow. I couldn’t sleep too well last night so I wrote 2 lists for my friends Paris and Heather like I did for you 101 reasons to Love AnnMarie. I did it for them. Heather loved it and I am guessing Paris will love it too. Paris could use it to help her. She suffers from social anxiety and thinks people are always judging her. Struggling in having self confidence and believing in herself. Well I gave her a 101 reasons to believe in herself and have confidence. Whenever I feel bad or terrible I find doing something kind for someone else makes me feel a lot better. I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow with the dr. You take care too and keep making that beautiful awesome art! AnnMarie= Greatest Ever!


      • Talked to my doctor he decided to go readjust the dose go back to the reg dose. I think all will be fine now. He seemed to think it would need to take longer for that decrease to effect but he wanted to go back to reg dosage because he was very concerned. I can’t wait to go back to writing my horror book its so much fun. Thank you AnnMarie you are the brilliantest person ever and the greatest woman ever! May take a few days to get back to feeling better but glad everything got taken care of today.


  1. My trepidatious fingers hover humbly over the keys, Miss. These are swell words and art, AnnMarie — and even more than swell, your words are deliciously descriptive and sultry (in the best sense of the word). And may I say I have learned a thing or two about art and mixing pigments (“crushed virgin” and “oil binders” — how perfect the metaphor, love ’em!) from the art ‘teach, but I’ll leave it up to you to do the art and mixin’. Speaking of art — well, your Squanto (I peeked, above) is so very finely wrought, not to mention a fine specimen of a man. 😉


    • Good morning, D.S. 🙂
      Hope all is well in the I-land. Thank you, I appreciate your kind words.
      I sometimes have time before the kiddies enter the classroom – I wrote this yesterday morn while feeling the need for a little escapism, yet not completely from art as I was in a giant art room;)
      I sorta like Squanto too – I think I have a big crush;)
      Have a delightful day.
      your comment boxes were not up yesterday on ye blog


      • Hey-ho, AM! I’m eming, but just wanted to tell you that here is an excellent example of your ability to “make art” wherever and whenever. The slight pressure for “a little escapism” (when I was teaching I didn’t want to escape, but bolt) no doubt helped prompt you to write these most wonderful words. Re: Squanto — I can “see” why you have a big crush … he has gorgeous eyes, 😉


      • Hoy-ha (is that the return greeting;))
        My friend, I wanted to bolt today. Rough day in the trenches – it’s tough when some kiddies don’t let you be the person you could be for them…
        But thank you for the lovely thoughts here. I usually don’t have crushes on my own art – in fact, rarely – but I will admit there is something about Squanto:)


      • Miss AM, here’s what you must do — and you must do it quickly — you must … “wine” about it! 😉😎 Put your feet up, sip, relax. Let your mind drift to other, more pleasant places than the classroom … a place where Squanto will give you a foot massage. And then remember: Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!


      • Just pouring my first (red). Had to go to the track. Yeah, Max! “Go, win, spit & fight” (or something like that — alas, I wasn’t a cheerleader). Red, definitely. 😉


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