the spirit of a cloud

sometimes it would be nice to
slice off a mountain top
throw it on the back of your bicycle
pedal to a hot air balloon
load it up in the basket
float with the trade winds
set down on an island
let the mountain top find purchase
out comes the duffle bag
stuffed with books, pens, pencils, paper
you sit in the cradle of a crevice
while cumulus clouds
wrap smokey wreaths
around a newly discovered peak

think about those clouds
and what elevates their being
a veil of interest
a touch of form
lay the pens, the pencils
and the books to rest
take the paper
fold birds and planes
let them catch the thermals
some will disappear into the light blue white
a few will sail onto the water’s surface
those will sink
but not the spirit
in which they were made
nor the clouds floating onward to
other fantastical islands
Spirit Mural16′ x 9′ mural painted 13 years ago in big son’s room, horse characters from the DreamWorks movie, Spirit; Stallion of the Cimarron


19 thoughts on “the spirit of a cloud

  1. Beautiful Horses AnnMarie! Beautiful Work as always AnnMarie! I feel great today I went back to my reg dose of lamictal and all is better now. Wrote 2 new chapters of my book today. People loved the two chapters, upset with certain characters being killed but also stunned by the twist. i got to finish the book but i made the right choice for an ending twist.


  2. Oh God, I love this! Truer words were never spoken — nor were more artful words ever written about the creative process, about the heart of creativity itself. Igniting the creative spark and letting it — hoping it will — catch the thermals. Yes, and yes! You know my two favorites: trees and clouds, and the lessons we can learn from them. Well, you’ve taught me more than ever about writing and making with your words here — about those dear-dearest clouds. Follow the birds and planes. And don’t ever let the spirit sink, as it wants to time and time again. And those damn beautiful clouds keep drifting on and on to “other fantastical islands.” Shit man, she said to her friend, this is freaking brilliant!

    And friend, I want this for you — this opportunity to fold planes and birds and let them set sail. I hope for it for you, I really do. Your talent wants it too.


    • Oops, I didn’t put any trees in here – thank you for imagining them and sorry for the omission – I should have thrown in some swaying palms at least – what kind of island is this;)
      I was having those “escapey” thoughts – don’t know why;)
      Thank you, D.S. – I appreciate your thumbs up for words I wasn’t quite sure about


    • You know I constantly try to improve. I don’t ever think of myself as a writer but I enjoy expressing with words. I don’t have a natural rhythm when writing these pieces and quite often, I’m never sure what I’m doing. I cobble words together as a way of releasing thoughts. Some work better than others.
      I sent out an illustrated project this summer and I am still waiting on SASE returns…
      Like many others, I hold out the hope that one day – I’ll get to have a book signing 🙂
      I thank you for your candor. I always appreciate honesty.


  3. Oh Ann Marie, I LOVE this! Especially the imagery of taking the paper and folding birds and planes and letting them catch thermals! Sometimes it’s like that with ideas, right. Sometimes we just need to put the finite things down and let the ideas twist and turn and float through our head. I’m probably catching your draft on this….floating with your thermal breeze, created by your words. Probably feeling it differently from others but that’s the joy of words, right?
    Listening to plastic strips of vertical blinds click in the sea breeze, and ready to step into the sunlight again!
    Love the freedom of the romp in your art here too! 🙂


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