back words

he wanted her badly
he dreamed her in his sleep
while prone on a mattress
she lay welcoming on her back
below him
far back in his subconscious

consummate boss and proper gentleman
he wished
he could take back these delirious thoughts
recant the delicious sensations

back when he was younger
there was another
he dreamed of her too
but that was back then
and this was now

in his waking hours
he didn’t understand
why he couldn’t stop hassling her
do this, do that
he bossed her badly

she often whispered under her breath
she’d never come back

but there was back pay and payback
up to this point

her life had been ‘ass backward’
God, how she craved forward

in her dreams she strode bareback on an electrifying beast
the man, Mr Boss Boss
didn’t crash her fantasies
though, she thought of him
too often

unavoidably handsome
built like a running back
that’s what the others said
she pretended he didn’t possess a well-muscled body
like she pretended she didn’t stare through his tailored shirts

she could never desire
someone who constantly rode her back
about this and that
though he did pay attention
in a backhanded sort of way

she often wondered about his secrets
there was always something
unspoken subtext
a lingering back story
hanging in the past

there was a time way back when
they both

might have cared to be bold
now rather than lingering intensity
they feared instantaneous back draft
painful death by raging fire
behind the next bolted
back door

M's Tears

M’s Tears


15 thoughts on “back words

  1. I would say these two characters have certainly backed themselves into a fine situation (“fine” here, of course, is me being facetious ;)). I like this narrative verse very mucho grande, AM — love the clever word-play and the rather unspoken tete-a-tete between the man and woman. This is another one of those pieces that, run in sentences rather than lines, could easily be considered a FF. You’re hittin’ ’em out of the ballpark (or maybe I should change the metaphor to football in honor of Max: You’re scoring touchdowns, AM). Great artwork, too (of course). 😉


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