The Coroner Bar

Maybe one day
you and I will meet at the Coroner Bar

it’s that cute little place
plopped between Dead End and Sky Street
the awning is blue and white
but it’s the famous bright light entrance
you can’t miss
once inside
your worries, your heartache, your pain

That Coroner Bar
is a magical establishment
the barstools squeak like angel harps
the dance floor is forever filled with folks
who swing lighter than air
I’m planning on throwin’ back a few
anisette to warm the soul
served in those gorgeous amber tumblers

After that
I won’t ever care about leaving
I’ll hear the music
drink up the laughter
claim a barstool
and spin to my heart’s delight




art previously published – it was between this angel or an angel who looks a tad devilish 😉


23 thoughts on “The Coroner Bar

  1. Oh Ann Marie…..I am laughing out loud!!!! And I just read this to George, out loud. HILARIOUS!!! How did you come up with this??? The Coroner Bar instead of the corner bar….you are amazingly clever today, my friend. Those 8th graders must have driven you to the corner of Out Of and My Mind…..or was it the corner of Laugh and Whine? WONDERFUL, my friend. And she is a deeeelight! 🙂


  2. I’d love to meet you at The Coroner Bar (that’s a great touch, Hempel would love it; Levy does) … but is it okay if we wait and meet a little later on? 😉 You absolutely have my mouth watering now for anisette (I’d forgotten all about that drink, was my German grandma’s favorite), but even that I’d be happy to put off drinking for a while.

    Seriously, AM, this is great stuff — love the levity, done with such nice touches throughout — you haven’t missed any opportunities at all, amazing detail! — with, of course, a serious note underneath. And I do love the tone of this piece — very confident, controlled — the reader’s in the hand’s of a pro.

    Really, great stuff, Miss. And the artwork is perfect-perfect.

    I think I notice a lightening of mood, or at least a desire to drink and make merry, which I hope tells me you had a good day in the classroom … either that or you’re ready to start the party. 🙂


    • Anisette is a drink of the old Italians too:)
      I’m trying to lift a little otherwise the sub is sinking 😉
      Thank you for your most ‘floatable’ kindness – it’s these little life rafts keeping my afloat:)
      To the Coroner Bar but not for 50 years at least;)


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