I Will Part with My Love

What is it they say–
if you love something
set it free…

In the past,
we’ve made rhythmic music together
I’ve joyously
caressed him and
he’s returned in kind

“Hearing the seasonal bells”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s
timeless words
set to melody
has inextricably bonded our souls

We’ve been an unconditional duo,
though of late
my thoughts have been elsewhere
My aloof fingers
stroking electronic keys

In my tangled heart
I know
our music will linger on–
as a childhood dream
once realized

I do love him so
the day I release him
I know
he will never return


art published last December – it’s never too early for the holidays

There is no longer space for my baby grand piano – rather than have him go down to the basement, he will be sold…I do hope to get an upright someday – gotta have a piano or I get cranky 😉


20 thoughts on “I Will Part with My Love

      • Thanks, feeling pretty good today. A headache but that is sinus related. Tough keeping busy lately as the wife is doing her traveling part of the job right now. Lonely. She is heading back to Europe once again, twice this trip. Not a permanent situation but it still sucks to know she is so far away. I worry…


      • International travel can be a worry when not going together. I’m sure all will be fine. I guess you can focus on how happy you’ll be upon her return. 🙂 In the meantime, try not “worrying” too much. I know, much easier said than done.
        Glad you’re feeling well today.

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      • Thanks AnnMarie. I’ve been walking a bit around Summerlin today, both for the workout and some photo ops… 91 today, 100 the next three days. Summer is still going here. 🙂

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  1. I’m sure sorry you’re losing your baby grand, AnnMarie. I guess that means it’s now “string time”: banjo, guitar, 😉 Seriously though, maybe down the proverbial road you can get another baby grand — or hell, maybe by then a full-grand (is there such a thing? I just made that term up). Meanwhile, get an upright so you can play. Music soothes the soul, as they say, and you deserve it.
    I really like the juxtaposition of piano keys and electronic keyboards here: it seems like a fitting and significant comment on how most of us live our lives these days (says moi as my fingers plink along the electronic keyboard). 🙂
    Anyhoo, nice post — and nice artwork, too — even though it does the trick of making me think of the holidays … already! 🙂
    P.S.: Were you off today? I just realized that your comments were coming in when I would have figured you to be subbing.


    • Yes, off today.
      There are grand pianos too, and they are quite enormous 🙂
      Someday, I’d love to get another baby grand. There’s something quite romantic about sitting down to a piano that looks like a piano not something built to squish against a wall 😉
      Thank you, my I-land friend.
      I tell ya man, my brain is just about fried.


      • Fried from subbing? Moving your studio? Or both?
        Wine = solution for fried brains, my NY friend.
        Miss Over-Thinker here again, but … did you ever notice there’s just one letter — n — different between “fried” and “friend”? Ooo … I have way too much frickin’ time on my hands. 😉


      • lol
        thanks for the warm chuckle
        much needed
        (hey, chuck, chuckle, Chuckie) now see what you’ve gone and started Miss Smarty Pants or is that Tennis Shorts 😉
        Perhaps a little of a lot…but all moving along and I shouldn’t be whining with the “h” 😉


      • 3Cs! Love it! Oh God, don’t remind me of those tennis panties that hold tennis balls (had to be careful there).
        No, you should be “wining” with wine. One big letter’s difference: H. (These comments brought to you by the letters N and H.)


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