I can think of many things
none quite right to say
nothing is the same
nothing at all
the clock chiming in the background
is a sorry replacement for your voice

something that happens
when our eyes are open
and time can slip through
the sockets

five cent pump pencil
art previously published


21 thoughts on “change

  1. Beautiful Drawing AnnMarie! I love it! Haha I got some bad news my new Geodon increase didnt work last night but it worked the night before. Well it will just be an adjustment. What made me feel good today was I heard from my friend Paris who appreciated my ‘101 reasons to love Paris’ list. Nice making new friends. Hope you are having a good morning.


  2. Oh, AnnMarie, this really hits home for me today. The countdown is on for my husband-who-lives-across-town and me…our divorce is final Dec. 7, and we are both realizing the finality of it after 34 years. Even good change can be haunting. Happy Thursday – Fawn


    • Hi Fawn –
      Thirty four years is quite a long partnership. A different perspective will no doubt follow Dec 7 – you seem poised for the process. You have a healthy outlook on life and once the divorce is finalized it will establish a rightful place in your heart.


  3. I’ve contemplated so much here – written so much, not necessarily whole poems. Been slower to read. Apologies, dear friend.

    Been up since 5 AM – first sipping in the dark with bright stars. Slowly the sky is turning reds with the dawn. Solitary gulls fly overhead – black against deep blue black sky. Thoughts of my parents, my brother – all passed from this earth. Of George – almost losing him 2 years Oct 14…images of him with tubes..tethered…now here strong. Wondering where we go…how did my mother live when my dad was gone…and here is this …the last lines…change. Change reminds us to be thankful for every day – sorry, my friend. You’ve hit an amazing emotional spot with me – this last day in this special place. Thank you.


    • Lillian,
      It appears we are having simultaneous lagging days.
      No matter when loss occurs – the sadness sticks like gum to the bottom of our souls. I’m very sorry this time of year brings your sadness closer. It’s amazing what “dates” can do to our hearts when remembering loved ones. Change happens in all directions – and even if the handwriting on the wall prepares us – it is never enough. But, we keep our loved ones alive with memories and other “dates” – the happy times ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have a good weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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