the true meaning of art

he asks
why do I have to take art
I respond
art is not something you take
it is something you give

she says
I can’t even draw a stick figure
I respond
life saving fire has been born
of simple sticks

he says
I can’t do anything right
I respond
you’re in good company
now put all your wrongs together

and make beautiful art

Sad Eyes/Prisma

Sad Eyes/Prisma


37 thoughts on “the true meaning of art

  1. Ah….the teacher speaks….and beautiful words they are. How I wish an early art teacher had said these words to me. Lucky are your students….and hopefully they will share your words with their returning teacher. An inspiring substitute teacher is a rare thing.
    Fabulous eyes on this drawing!


      • Your welcome AnnMarie last night was a discouraging night as I had trouble sleeping through. It’s frustrating but with med adjustments it takes more than five days to judge who knows he may increase a little more only time will tell. On a joyful and happy not I have decided to write a book for my friend Paris it’s called ‘A Paris Should Be Loved’ it’s about our friendship, my life and our ‘fictional adventures’. so its a fun book that I am sure will make Paris smile.


  2. “Taking art” in junior high was one of the most challenging and liberating things I have ever done. Learning about perspective and balance, basic color, and a smattering of art history was great preparation to appreciate beauty and creativity for the rest of my life. I love this poem…and your beautiful creature. Happy Sunday, AnnMarie – Fawn


  3. Of course, my dear friend, you’ve so elegantly hit the nail on the head (again) about this art-making stuff. If you’re dropping golden words like these to the kiddies you’re subbing to, then I know damn well you’re an excellent teacher (I know that anyway, just sayin’). Beautiful words of advice indeed. I will refer to them often.
    I do hope all is well with you, (d)


    • Hi, D.S.-
      Thank you. Every time I sit in front of ye old laptop of late – I feel like nothing will make it from my inside to my outside. This fried thing better not last too long or I’ll shrivel into a drumstick;)
      Hope your Sunday is going well.
      It is beautiful here today.
      I do thank you and appreciate your thoughtful words here – inspiring you are, friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


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