More Blue

Hearts out to Oregon this sad day…

Blue Tale

Blue Tale



10 thoughts on “More Blue

  1. So true, AM. Will this cycle of violence ever be broken? You have to wonder. What used to be sanctuaries of free thought and acceptance have now become battlefields of intolerance and ignorance. Your post today is a very gentle yet somber reminder of yesterday’s (and all) school shootings. Oh that more people would talk to Mr. Blue Tale rather than pull a gun. (ds)


  2. Absolutely despicable that this has become common place. I remember, years and years ago while earning my degree in rhetoric, reading a critical piece that explored the numbing effect of photographic journalism on the public’s reaction to Viet Nam. The more day to day photos, the less shocked. It seems to me that’s what’s happening here. If Sandy Hook couldn’t activate a legislative response (and there are gradations of gun control so negotiation is possible on this issue), then nothing will. Very very sad indeed.
    On a more cheerful note, (and that’s an indictment in and of itself, that I can move from the tragedy to these words so easily), I love this blue guy and his saucy little look. I am certain his tail has heard many tales!


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