chandeliers and picnic tables

there was this Chinese retaurant
it appeared one day
the previous tenant was a dollar store merchant
the kitchen went up faster than a flip tent
the cuisine, I can’t remember
what I do recall
is the decor
chandeliers hanging over picnic tables
it wasn’t right at all
but you know, those swanky lights
casting fractal beams
across distressed picnic tables
that belonged beneath iron lamp posts
are what brought me back
not the food
the smiles
the giggles
we ate there a few times
then as quickly as the restaurant had appeared
it vanished
like a traveling circus
I remember thinking
and hoping
those crystal lights and wooden tables
were off on another journey
to make merry the hearts of adults
who believed chandeliers
and picnic tables
were not ever meant
to be together
Travelin' Man

art previously published


8 thoughts on “chandeliers and picnic tables

  1. So much to love here, AM. “Faster than a flip tent,” “it wasn’t right at all,” “those swanky lights casting fractal beams,” on and on. So very beautiful. But the underlying feeling here, the longing not so much for this restaurant but for what it means to you — as a place of laughter and fine memories, and as a place that marries the expected with the unexpected (the perfect combination) — is magical. I’m sorry, I haven’t done your terrific words the kind of justice they deserve, but that’s because this piece is subtle yet deep and luxurious, and like all great writing it can’t be summed up — it just has to be experienced. Hope you’re having a peaceful start to the week. (ds)


      • Morning D.S.
        Keeping dinghy afloat. Back to subbing another 3 weeks – timing could have been better. The art teacher I’ve been subbing for is such a caring instructor – I couldn’t let her worry when she called me again. Her doctor said she must stay off her ankle another 3 weeks. On the up side – I got all Karole’s boxes unpacked! Our home looks as if it’s been transported to New Mexico 🙂
        I hope BS is managing and you’re writing away.
        I should get back to reading posts this weekend. Now I must go mentally prep for teaching 150 hormonal teens;)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Smiling I am! About to sip sparkling water with my early lunch. Believe it or not….this brought back a very silly memory — when we lived in Iowa City, bringing up our kids, occasionally (oh I know it’s not healthy and I should never admit to doing this), we would go to McDonalds. And believe it or not, the new one built down the road had a big area to sit it … and … wait for it…. crystal chandeliers!!!! With the typical McDonald tables and garbage cans and condiment area along the walls. Memories…….thanks for the smile today. And I LOVE the Mary Janes on your Miss Traveller here! 🙂


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