I wonder

I wonder if she would’ve been braver
had her heart outrun the difficult years
her courage once supple and new
now evaporated by decades of living

I wonder if she would have been at peace
had she found the time to look ahead
knowing the past was what got her there
and primed her for a long detailed life

I wonder if she will find time now
to admire the heavens
inhale the sunset, exhale the worry
and relax in the beauty
of an eternal sky
sunsetphoto taken yesterday while standing on my front lawn

Aged Smile

Aged Smile

art previously published


33 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. That’s very beautiful and touching AnnMarie! And the sky, a true blessing to be able to witness that beauty!
    Missed you! 💞


  2. Exquisite words and photo. And then my eyes slid to the drawing…….I’ve always had this thing about teeth, dentists…..yech! So from breaths of pure pleasure to a gritty ewwwww sound! You got them all my friend, over my second cup. Treasures in boxes……….that’s much much more important than reading blogs….keep doing what you’re doing. And take some time for you too!


  3. You have to hope so, AnnMarie … inhale, exhale, relax. Sometimes hard habits are hard to break, but given enough time anything can happen. What a gorgeous sky.


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