This is a silly little piece with a sincere note of encouragement beneath. This is dedicated to my dear friend, D.S. who relentlessly encourages me whenever I (which is often) want to just throw my hands up in futility and pound my stubborn feet and scream, “the hell with it…”

I hope I can do the same for her and her outstanding writing talent.

I’m sending my manuscript to Pubwish Inc.
They ‘doesn’t’ ask you to visit their website
and tell them why you think you’d make a good fit,
Pubwish Inc. is so intelligent, that they tell you
They don’t burn your pages over a misplaced comma,
nor do they don’t require representation by the, Now You’re Mine Agency
Pubwish Inc. receives one-thousand manuscripts per day,
yet they appreciate being held in such high regard
Pubwish’s benevolent editors always remember
what it was like when they started out
the cold hard of rejection
the very word REJECTION
arriving crooked on a lopsided postcard
or dinging in through email before your fingers even dot the last manuscript “i”
Pubwish Inc. never wants creative souls to feel devalued
that’s why my manuscript is going to Pubwish Inc.
They accept unsolicited ms by the ‘unagented’ and the unpublished
Upon receipt of your first child manuscript,
Pubwish Inc. gifts all courageous inkers with
a lifetime supply of free beer
and an everlasting red lollipop



I know–Christmas when it ain’t even Halloween–this has beer and that’s what I’m pourin’ on my head if and when I ever get published.;)

And to D.S. – row, row, row…:)


16 thoughts on “Pubwishing

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I feel fabulous today 12 hours of sleep will do that to you the most sleep I got in two years. I feel healthy and refreshed. Keep up the beautiful work! AnnMarie= Number One!


  2. AM, you are amazing. I think you could be one of those people who go out in the park and write damn fine poems, for hire, johnny-on-the-spot. This is not silly at all — far from it. This post is frickin’ amzing, is what it is. Pubwish Inc. sounds like my kind of publisher, one with humanity at its core. Thank you so much for writing it, dedicating it to me. I do so very, very appreciate. I hope you know that.

    For you, Miss, it’s not an “if” you get published — you will, you definitely will, and the “when” is “whenever” you determine. You’re only problem, as I see it, is that you deserve a better friend, one who doesn’t whine and trip down that damn rabbit hole. I hope you have a fun, productive Saturday, my friend.

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    • Dear D.S. if you call yourself a “whiner” than I am certainly a “griper.” I’m quite horrible at math, but here’s where the subbing pays off – when you multiply 2 negatives I now remember – they make a positive. See we’re not so bad and the other kind of “wining” is quite wonderful 🙂
      Here again, your thoughtful words exemplify your generous spirit, my friend.

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      • Thank you, AM. Thank you so much my uber-talented friend (no umlaut, sorry). You’re right, 2 negatives do make a positive — and it’s good to be reminded of that indeed. 🙂 We can whine/wine all we want, right? 😉

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  3. How wonderfully creative!!
    Hey, sometimes a little whining and bit of griping are needed to help propel us forward.
    This is a real witty piece, AM with super fun and creative drawings. Who wouldn’t Pubwish this jewel!


  4. And it instantly brings to mind the “Marrwidge” scene in “The Princess Bride”, too…one of my favorites! I agree, it is not “if”, but “when” you will be published. You are so talented, both in words and pictures, that it is GOING to happen! Happy Monday – Fawn


  5. “….upon receipt of your first child (crossed out) manuscript….” LOVE this line! LOVE the sentiment of this poem. Your friend is lucky to have you indeed. And I’ll drink a can of YOUCANDOIT to that! 🙂

    And ah yes….Mandy Patinkin….loved him in Princess Bride, loved him in that doctor tv show he was in long ago….went to see him in a one-man show at the theatre here in Boston in about 1998….magnificent voice, magnificent soul in every piece. “If I were a rich man”….he sang we such gusto!


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