the S word

each one of us
gets stuffed into a human skin
and chucked onto the world map
from there shit happens
we bound around
based on how we’ve defined
the S word

my first recollection of this word,
a football cheer from way back
my high school years
saddle-shoed cheerleaders would sing out
that’s the way you spell success…”
I remember thinking
well, I’m already not a
I’m not a cheerleader

for many
Success is easy
it’s simply surviving
to witness another sunrise

for those of us not focused on
food, water, air, health
Success becomes something
entirely different

what is it we want
when we have the “freedom”
to make “choices”

I end here
because it is not for me to say
this is an intimate and personal journey
I leave with just a thought

the S word
begins with

and that’s what it will do
if you let it…
baby gorillaevery gorilla species is endangered, today many organizations and individuals are working tirelessly to return these gorgeous animals back to a survival success story


17 thoughts on “the S word

  1. Fingers crossed for these magnificent creatures’ success.
    Ohh those eyes! So expressive, so sad.
    I always admire your lines, fast and dynamic. And they all come together bringing life to one creature or another. That’s magic!


  2. As per the AMRK usual: succinct, brilliant, poetic, beautiful. 5th stanza down: a biggie, the question of the hour/day/life. And you’re absolutely correct, my brilliant friend, about the “suc” in “success” — that root indeed lies hidden, barely noticeable but oh so destructive.

    BTW: Is this new art? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this gorilla before; it’s gorgeous! Love gorillas, 😉

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday; hope the warm sun is shining.



  3. Brutal honesty in your words. So refreshing.

    Every day I battle to help others to understand that honesty and realism don’t have to be pessimistic or dismal. My success is measured by the dawning realisation that it is enough to do a little. Better that than nothing at all.


  4. An interesting take on the “S” word, for sure. One of my first days teaching Kindergarten, a student came up and told me, “Teacher, ___ said the “s” word!” My mind instantly flew to “shit”, which, of course, wasn’t anywhere close to okay in kindergarten, but then the student went on to tell me, “She said “stupid” and that’s mean.” And she was right. Hugs to you and your beautiful gorilla today. – Fawn


  5. Finally catching up! As your poem says, “shit happens”….and I equate that with “life happens”….sometimes sweetly sometimes not…ah, another S word 🙂 Grandkids for the weekend — definitely sweet. Memories of an October 14 two years ago encroaching….definitely shit. BUT — we are here….husband is here…life is good.
    Yes — these are magnificent creatures indeed — and perhaps they touch my soul so much because their eyes, their hands, they are so like us. Here’s to hoping these creatures endure and thrive. And here’s to hoping we learn to measure success in seeing who we are and loving ourselves as we are.


    • Lillian,
      I seem to be cussing more than usual. I hope it’s not a sign of things to come;)
      Yes, life in a moment, in a whisper can be whisked away. But you both made it through and are celebrating life with travel and leisure – enjoying your time as it was meant to be enjoyed.
      As far as the endangered species – all of them – there are so very many – let’s hope…

      Liked by 1 person

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