Her orange-haired dolly enjoyed dancing too much
She feared Larabella would tire and fall down
But Larabella and her fiery locks, couldn’t walk
only dance
She didn’t mind if Larabella’s little shoes got dirty
Though she made sure the earthen floor wasn’t disturbed by Larabella’s dancing feet
She worried about scabbed knees
contenting her posterior and Larabella’s spineless form to sit on a giant mushroom
speaking of life
singing of song
And imagining they were grownups who carried each other around
so their knees would never scab and their shoes would not scuff the soil
Gallean with ragdollI wrote, Larabella specifically for this art – a month or two back but forgot. I then absentmindedly used the art for another post or two. I must be dancing too much like little Larabella, there might also be wine involved 😉


27 thoughts on “Larabella

  1. I’m starting with Miss G, my friend, because she is adorable, and sweet, and to me a tender yet sad little girl who wears a pair of invisible angel wings. The tenderness, the caring is so “acutely and achingly” apparent — such wonderful art. And as for the words, they amplify the magic, and those closing lines simply make me shudder at their beauty. This touches me in a profound way tonight. (D.S.)


  2. Aww what beautiful words to accompany your art, which has a special place in my heart. Larabella is absolutely gorgeous, love that name maybe because it ends with -bella… 😊💖


  3. I’m back! Grandchildren here for the weekend….such fun….but I feel like Larabella looks here….just a tad tired but joyful for the dancing I’ve done! 🙂
    LOVE this drawing….so so sweet…..cheeks, sitting on a mushroom, daisy on her head….the sweet caress and touching hand….oh I really love this one!
    And the poem…the ending is just right. Would that all humans took care to keep scabs off others’ knees and the love of this child in their hearts. Really a wonderful way to start my morning!


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