rock hiding

have you ever tried hiding beneath a large rock
it’s not easy
crawling under a sizable boulder – nearly impossible
use the sledge hammer
you should’ve used before
to smash the rock you don’t fit under
gather the fragments
lob them with abandon
mindlessly throwing crap is liberating

whenever you’re low enough
to slide beneath a large rock
imagine its terrific mass
every fragment heaved
liberate your heavy soul
collect your heaving breath
there are not enough large rocks in the world
to crush your spirit

but there is a toasty slice of shale
to relax upon

Whale/WolverineIn the animal world, not too many animals can trump the spirit of the wolverine. A 45-pound wolverine can take down a 1,200-pound moose in deep snow. Sadly, as powerful as the wolverines are, they are endangered and need help as do so many other species. Illustrations done awhile back

Top illustration: Bigfoot, also done a few months back

19 thoughts on “rock hiding

  1. I love this one AnnMarie. Check out this movie ‘The Legend Of Boggy Creek’ its a documentary on Bigfoot. Great movie. Makes me want to watch the movie now. The last third of that movie is really awesome. Keep up the good work! AnnMarie= Number One!


  2. You are actually quite an amazing woman, AnnMarie. Not only do you have all of this terrific insight into human nature, you know precisely how to offer it in the most kind and artistic fashion to make sure the medicine goes down gently — but goes down (all important). And … you use great artwork to highlight and instruct as well. As a fairly new Michigander — the state animal is the wolverine — I had absolutely no idea what a wolverine actually looks like, nor did I know much about him. But thanks to your fine instruction (always a teacher, :)) I now know he can take down another animal much larger than himself. Speaking of which — your knowledge re: endangered species — it is never too late/early or whenever to bring E out again or at least make some new plans for her, in my humble opinion. Please, don’t let E, the MS, be an endangered species, too. πŸ™‚ Loverly post, AM!


    • Thank you for these AMAZING words, I do so appreciate your thought inspiring comment.
      Yes, the wolverine can also pulverize frozen bones – quite a spectacular beast.
      I promise you, my friend, E will continue moving…
      Hope you had a decent day.


      • Better than decent, AM. πŸ™‚ And I do hope you had a successsful day in the trenches, unearthing knowledge from those tough little skulls that seem to think nothing else need be crammed into them — they know it all! LOL Really, hope you had a good day. And the words are spoken truthfully, with no varnish — just plain unadulterated (I hope I used the right there; serves me right for using big words if I screwed up :)) solid words meant exactly as they mean (okay, I’m not even drinking). E … row, row, row it out to the big publishing sea.


      • So very happy to hear of your day – wonderful!:)
        I will not fib. It was a long one today for me – some tough classes. These kiddies make me a person I don’t want to be. I wish they’d just let me be who I could be for them rather then someone who needs to spend most of the class time reminding them how to be kind…respectful…
        You know the drill – teacher D.S. πŸ™‚
        I’m pretty exhausted this eve, I think I’m shortly ascending above ground.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You must get your rest, plenty of it, while teaching. Your explanation of your day (perfectly clear to me) is exactly the reason I got out of teaching. Play lotto — hit the jackpot — but ya gotta play to win! Or, hell, just grin through teaching, I guess. πŸ™‚


  3. Oh my…..again, a smile on my face to see the Big Foot! Did not know about the wolverine.
    Ah your words…..the ones I like best (silly me) are

    “to smash the rock you don’t fit under
    gather the fragments
    lob them with abandon
    mindlessly throwing crap is liberating”

    I think about this in terms of our own self-identity. Sometimes when others get us down, rejection or demands to be “like them”, to fit in… feels good to just gather the fragments and mindlessly throw crap! πŸ™‚ Let ’em have it! Take a breath and let it all out — and go back to who we are! And know we are!
    Take those unkind words (verbal, or in letters or emails sent to us), smash ’em to smithereens and throw the crap back!!
    Ah….I feel better now πŸ™‚
    Just a different reading here……maybe I made the coffee too strong this morning? πŸ™‚


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