a little fleshy fun…

a little fleshy fun…

your hold is not on my heart
it’s under my skin
you have me
eating out of your hand
and I can’t escape
I’m wrapped around your finger
bound quite tightly
under your thumb

my friends often warn
I should be more wary
but I’m defiantly thick-skinned
and absolutely stuck on you

either that
or just very

Two Head

Weird Hat done a few months ago just for fun…


25 thoughts on “a little fleshy fun…

  1. Wicked cool AnnMarie. What a gifted and amazing woman you are! I feel relaxed and at peace this evening. Feel a little sleepy. Can’t wait for your next post. Keep up the good work AnnMarie! AnnMarie= Number One!


  2. AnnMarie, I see you’ve got ‘some skin in the game,’ so ‘by the skin of my teeth’ I’ll just say, to try and ‘save my own skin,’ that there’s ‘more than one way to skin a cat,’ although that image makes me shudder, ‘makes my [wait for it!] flesh crawl.’
    Very clever verse, AM — and I do hope you have a ‘thick skin’ when you read my ridiculous comment here. (I’m done, whew!)
    Love Weird Hat. I think you should do something with these graphic creatures; they’re quite endearing. 🙂 What about collecting them all in one place? Really, they’re wonderful characters all.


    • Word play is fun – I see you’ve got game;) I would like one day to combine the graphics and do something – thank you for your endless positivity:)
      Keep it comin’ sister;)
      Have a most excellent Thursday
      I’ll sen ms this weekend -sorry for the delay…


      • I cheated: I had to look up “skin” idioms to even play, 🙂
        Really, about your graphics — they’re most unusual characters, but they reveal serious words of wisdom. I could see them coexisting with your wonderful words … just sayin.
        Not to worry re: ms. I’m not even sure it is a “ms” 😉


  3. Well my dear morning friend, I am stuck on you … Your wonderful way with words.

    What struck me most this morning, is this wonderful drawing! Something about the saucy skirt, the raised arm….like Ms Cheerleader for the chartreuse team! Ms Cheerleader wears the mask of popularity and only occasionally takes it off, although she has it attached to her hat like we used to have mittens clipped to our sleeves. And when the mask slips she still shows a happiness – just that she’s got her own individuality then as in one glorious eye! Oh how I love the energy of this drawing 😎


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