our best thinking

a dank sticky corner
burdened oak tops disturbed for decades
by descending mugs
trying to lighten bleak thoughts
ambiguous gouges in once flawless veneer
bear tired witness to
lives emptied into shot glasses
arranged in firing line formation to end pain quickly
gulping down hope for one night’s reprieve
sweating spirits absorb peace into the soul
or harbingers of disrupted thought
lifting glass bottoms
to reach the throat
swallowing for a new life
or the promise of sleep until tomorrow
where the sun will rise
and another day offers

a choice…



I used the spider here thinking how drinking lures and can trap in an endless web if we crawl too closely for too long…


13 thoughts on “our best thinking

  1. Very nice, AM. Freedom = choice –> therein lies the rub for many weak people. Choice = decison-making, and some are reluctant to do so. Hence, the drink. I sound like an old, puckered up matron here even unto myself, my rambling like the high-and-almighty who preach, “It’s easy not to be poor … don’t be.”


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