small boat, big ocean

I look at the boundless sky
from the bottom of my little boat
cupping my palms
and using my arms
to row
when the mood strikes

searching for that rainbow
capturing colors as my little boat meanders along
sun yellow
sky blue
wine red
all primaries collected in a metal pail
with them, I can make other colors
if my anchor ever finds purchase
in the deep wet salt

for now
I’m content
sky gazing
while the timid bow divides the water ahead
into foaming bird wings
no sound in my ears
but the hollow wind
and the silver-speckled fish who leap up
to wiggle greetings
as I float in the smallest boat
in the biggest ocean

cool changes ahead
if my little boat
delivers me

in the right direction

Sailor Boy

art previously published
dedicated to my sister, Dolores


21 thoughts on “small boat, big ocean

  1. I’m sure you know you’ve created visual poetry here (aka “concrete” or “shape” poetry) — 4 anchors (especially that 2nd one) — and you should also know your poem is absolutely brilliant. I would steal that 3rd stanza and use it for my own in a heartbeat, if I were less than honorable. Fortunately for you, I’m honorable. However, here’s one thing about this boat/ship/dinghy metaphor I’ve been mulling over: these flotation vessels involve anchors and paddles, they’re buffeted by the whims of the sea, and they sometimes seem to have too much influence in matters of the heart and soul. So … maybe it’s time not only for a cool change, but a metaphor one as well? Why not a sturdy tree, or a bird that soars of its own volition? Steady goes the heart. Banish “if” — not if, but “when.” And “when” it will definitely be; I know it.


    • Thank you , my friend.
      You know I think I’ll stick with the dinghy as the earth is more than 3/4’s water and I enjoy a challenge (only of course, if I’ve had my coffee am and wine pm). And if that freakin’ dinghy doesn’t have chocolate, I’m abandoning ship and doggie paddlin’ for the nearest cocoa island;)
      Though, I do love the idea of the winged bird or swaying tree. You and your beloved trees;)
      Beautiful words you’ve given me here to “mull.” Kidding aside – I thank you for your uplifting and thoughtful thoughts.
      Happy Monday


    • Sometimes the words come first, other times I look at an existing piece of art and think what words belong in its family…often times I use my art more than once with different writing pieces…so the words often depend on the mood of the person behind the pencil πŸ˜‰ (and I really need to return to my studio and get at some new art)
      Have a lovely Wednesday


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