and so we spin…

do you ever think about how the world is?
a giant sphere
spinning and spinning
on an invisible stick
rotating around
a burning explosive star

we’re on this ball
going round and round
like a cheap carnival ride
we’ve no choice about the spinning or the rotating
we can’t even decide if we want take the ride

the only decision we make is
how firmly we will plant our feet on the ground
with the time we have
so we don’t fall off when we’re spinning

and spinning and spinning…

Eleman Suit

Eleman Suit

art previously published


12 thoughts on “and so we spin…

  1. All of the frickin’ time, sister! 🙂
    But as you say (so eloquently, I might add), “we’ve no choice,” our only decision “how firmly we will plant our feet on the ground” — delightfully delicious words, my friend, so true, so true.
    This post is terrific, AM. Not to fall off while we’re spinning — I love that metaphor (maybe even better than dinghies, no da? eh? lol).
    Keep your feet planted firmly — the end of Red October will soon arrive … and with it, hopefully!, your academic freedom. 🙂


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