one solution above the rest

I’m ill-suited for anything mathematical
so the numbers I can’t be sure of
unless I subtract the negatives
and focus on the positives
I’m upbeat most days
by my calculations
I’m happy half the day
or twelve times sixty minutes
I enjoy twenty social circles
if I multiply twenty times twelve hours
I can smile when I’m awake most of the time
add a bad mood
minus a few less happy times
and I’m still in the black
use x times foul moods squared
if the moon is low then I plug in a coefficient
at the end of this arithmetic
and solving the problems
there is but one number that matters
one solution above the rest
and the answer is



We must try for our happy and appreciate what we have


23 thoughts on “one solution above the rest

  1. Hello Miss AnnMarie! How are you?
    Long time’s passed..I know
    The arithmetic poem was summazing! ha ha.
    Well, I’m not a pro in mathematics but I loved the piece of work!
    Also I like the creative humor you used, catually now I guess no matter how hard you teach a cat, it always follows it’s cat instincts.


      • Yes, after a “Long” day of work all there’s left is to go home for rest!
        Thanks for the Quick reply:) Everything’s fine while Somethings have changed (of course for good)
        I’ve found a new love- a love for music and singing! So much that I’m into learning a Keyboard and Vocal Training. Hopefully. maybe I’ll make some songs (apart from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) in the Far Future. Woohooo!
        How’s the weather there? Everything Good?


      • Good luck with your vocal ‘stylings’ and keyboard, how exciting for you embarking on a new path! If you lived closer by an ocean or two – I’d give you my baby grand piano. I’m having a heck of a time selling it. People keep coming to look at it and then realize how large it is…geez.
        Weather has been spectacular here and all is well, Sir Robin.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes Miss, I’ve been wanting a piano, but a grand piano, I’m afraid, won’t fit my good old room, ha ha. And you might be curious about my social absence, the reason being that I was sick with a deadly dengue fever+ typhoid combo. After many-a salines and syringes, I’m back to normal now. How this prodigal son is forgiven again:)


      • Oh my goodness, Robin. I’m so very sorry you were unwell, but very glad to read here that you’ve recovered.Stay healthy and never worry about “absences” of any kind. We all need breaks – social media and otherwise – they do a mind healthy:)


  2. If the moon is low, then I plug in a coefficient! LOVE this line! Although, I must admit sitting here with my first cup, I have absolutely no recollection of what a coefficient is….just remember the sound of the word. Sadly for Mr. What’s His Name, my high school math teacher! Now if it had been taught by that marvelous sub I’ve heard about, well….I’m sure I’d appreciate the line even more πŸ™‚

    And the drawing….I always find myself looking closely, from head to toe, at your drawings. There’s so much in them! I particularly like this creature’s mask and two unmatched earrings. And the colors, well, catually, they send me into the day with a smile on my face! Hmmmm now how much does that add up to in terms of a tip for these wonderful words and art? The answer is….don’t know the number but do know the words……you’re simply the best! Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend.


  3. Oh, damn! The moon coefficient! I knew I’d forgotten to plug something in! πŸ™‚

    On a more serious note this a.m., AM, you are so right in your mathematical, numerical versing here. There is only one solution, one answer that matters (hell if I know what it is, but …). πŸ™‚ Hope you had a better day in ye old educational trenches; hope the battle was won by the better side. I know you marched in there trying for happy, and that’s all that a good soldier can do. Soldiering on now (see how I’ve changed the metaphor?) … πŸ˜‰

    P.S.: I like Catually; he’s cute and his name is clever.


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