were you beautiful today

beauty is found
when closed eyes
are coaxed open
enraptured are we
by the buff of commercialism

a ‘sellable’ pretty

genuine beauty
is submerged
deep beyond the belly of the soul

what makes us earnestly beautiful
is the warmth
we’re able to convey
to those
existing in the cold

were you beautiful

Caroline Hands Crossed

Caroline Hands Crossed

my daughter, a beauty every day (well, almost ;))


17 thoughts on “were you beautiful today

  1. Not today, but yesterday I picked up a woolly worm from the sidewalk so no one would step on it, if that counts. 🙂 Today, I tried.
    Nice art, AM. Your daughter is lovely.


  2. This poem reminds me a little of my wife. She has gotten older but more beautiful to my eyes. I think the reason is I no longer see only a face but actually see her, if that makes sense. (If my wife ever sees this comment, she will suspect I’ve been drinking, but I haven’t!)


  3. Your daughter is indeed beautiful…..and I’m certain, know she is your daughter, she is beautiful inside and out! May we all be beautiful today! Happy weekend my friend….off now for my second cup and an apple/pecan waffle, unfrozen by now….a leftover from a fancy breakfast I made for company. 🙂


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