early Christmas list

We used to laugh didn’t we
it was Christmas we believed in
not just the magic
but the wonder
I wonder now
where to find
that magic
I’d love ignorant optimism to reenter my life
Bells, I hear often
I don’t need elves for music
Winged fairies
the ones you can’t see
 those beguiling mini sprites, I could use
Tiny toes dancing on your cheeks
when autumn winds blow
Their gentle tickling makes me laugh
like all those years ago
when my eyes were much bigger

Am I asking too much
If not,
please consider this my Christmas list

Baby Elf

Baby Elf

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started my Christmas countdown;)


27 thoughts on “early Christmas list

      • Thanks AnnMarie I feel better and I am getting the right amount of sleep just at odd times. I feel like I am getting better now just need more time for the meds to continue to adjust. Hope you had an awesome weekend? How are The Giant doing!


      • Thanks AnnMarie I am glad The Giants won I want The Giants vs Pats Superbowl rematch or threematch. Dallas is missing Tony Romo. Dallas was the team of the 90s but the Pats are the team of 2000’s and so on.


      • Yea I think Giants should make the Superbowl 2 more times. It seems like they have a couple off seasons than a great team. Pats are literally going to outscore every team. They got to get me on the field to replace cb brendan fletcher the man can’t cover anyone. I hope he improves this season. Our Defense is better than you think. I’ll start following The Giants. Jets will make the playoffs this year but Pats will take them. Jets QB is good he only looked bad when on bad teams with a defense to help him out he is better. Pats got at least 2 more Superbowl wins in them. I love playing my Madden PS2 Videogames. Football games are so much fun.


      • Your husband the giant one is a good man. I appreciate and respect his love for his team. He sounds like me I take it very hard when we lose. You should have seen me last year on that play in superbowl where Malcom Butler intercepts the ball at the half yard to save the game and help Pats win. One of the most incredible things I’ve seen. You will like this AnnMarie my sister for years now during the Late Monday Football games will open her door and tell my dad and I to stop being so loud. We love our Pats football. My dad loves his wings and pizza for the game.


      • Thanks AnnMarie my sleep is getting better after yet another adjustment. I got The Red Sox World Series DVD Sets from 04,07 aMd 13. I watch those a lot but I follow football more. I have taped all of Tom Brady’s great games. My friend Greg would get along with your husband he likes Yankees and Giants and Knicks since he is from New York. We are going to a Knicks Celtics game on December 27th.

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  1. What lovely thoughts you’ve shared here, AM. You know, I was never a holiday person, but your enthusiasm for the magical season is quite infectious, and now I have to admit that I, too, am happy to see them “magically” appear on my calendar (although I wish I could be more enthusiastic about gift buying). 🙂 And … I must say, your red border here on your blog is very stunning — it really pops! A nice holiday touch, whether it’s autumn or Christmas. Also, your Baby Elf is adorable and reminds me of my great-nephew with his chunky little cheeks. Hope you have a great evening, wonderful (last!!!?) week of subbing. 😉


    • Neiman Marcus now that’s a Christmas Book I can get behind – I would adore, his and her matching airplanes for $176,000;) (pre-1965 prices) or the live Black Angus bull (I’d call him Oscar and love him very much) 😉
      Happy magical Monday, Mick!


  2. Cherubic chubby cheeks on this sleeping baby elf 🙂
    I’ve always loved the Christmas season. Many people find it frenetic….I find it soothing to the soul. Perhaps it’s because I spend each early morning, with the Christmas tree lights on, sitting quietly with my coffee. We have what I call a memory tree….each ornament is connected with a memory and they date back to my dad’s first ornament (a very fragile airplane with one wing broken) and a very fragile bell given to my mom by my dad when they were married. Also have a fragile red ball with Lillian block printed in white in that very special printing that only kindergarten and first grade teachers can do so well…..and a cardboard Santa my brother made when he was in kindergarten….he would be 77 now. Ah yes….tis a magical time.


    • We have those ornaments too. Aren’t they wonderful for the warm memories they stir from the time they are individually unwrapped to the time they return for safe-keeping until next Christmas 🙂
      Treasure them all 🙂
      Thank you for sharing this beautiful comment, Lillian.

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