Thinking holidays
and it’s time for some monsters
there are always monsters
may the good creatures
blaze the brightest path
pukwidgienow here is a sweet fella
just don’t piss him off
if he turns purple
you’re in trouble
unless you have Twinkies

Voodoo Yellow Man/mixed mediarun very fast in the opposite direction
or start throwing those Twinkies
he detests litter, so make sure you throw out the wrappers 😉


25 thoughts on “mondaysters

  1. Hey, you’re back. When did this happen? I kept the link to your blog but didn’t check until this morning. So glad to have you posting again. Are you ready for Winter? I’m hoping we have a mild one for my first in Massachusetts. I’m as ready as I can get with 4 new snow tires. I’ll be stopping by regularly from now on. Have a great Monday!


  2. Okay my dear dear friend! I nver even had to get to the words….scrolled my reader, saw your drawing with coffee cup in hand, and laughed out loud! THANK YOU for starting out my day with a grin….not a smile….an outright grin. I’m still grinning! And the Twinkies? Oh we are simpatico… third grade (confession here), in “sister school” — I got mad at Cynthia in the cafeteria, on a swinging seat attached to our metal lunch tables, for trying to steal my best friend (BFF known in those days as someone who didn’t understand the alphabet and just strung letters together!)….so I got off my stool, walked over to her and smashed my Twinkie in her face!!! I really did! And sadly, I don’t think it made a bit of difference in Kitty Davis’ mind…..she was perhaps just proud to have someone fighting a Twinkie duel for her affections! 🙂 Think I had to say some extra Hail Marys for that escapade. Oh the memories sometimes dredged up from reading other’s poetry!
    LOVE this —


  3. Does your monster like the new, revived Twinkies? They taste okay, but shrunk somehow during the changeover. I guess I’ll have to throw more of them, and faster! – Fawn


  4. These monster guys — now you know I really wouldn’t mind running into them as long as they remain sweet and, that one in particular, un-purple. I haven’t had a Twinkie in years, and I’m not sure if I can even buy them in the store anymore. 🙂 Seriously though, I love these guys, AnnMarie. They’re terrific artwork that need a much wider audience. Speaking of “holidays,” I hope yours soon begins! Happy Monday; hope it was a good day in the classroom. 😉


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