happy wardsday

Steel bars
Rubber rooms
Cement cells
Padded enclosures
Underground wards

If you don’t occasionally seek asylum in your life
you just might end up in one

blogger g

blogger g

I wanted an excuse to use this fella again. He might be an amalgam of Jason and Hannibal stitched by Dr. Moreau – just the sort you’d find in the Asylum of Angst

mondayster, boosday, wardsday, fursday, frieday…hell-o-ween;)


20 thoughts on “happy wardsday

  1. Truer words were never spoken, AM.
    And I do well remember this fellow, blogger g, and he’s just as scary this time around as he was the first time you introduced him. You may find this hard to believe, but I know of Dr. Moreau, yet I’m only vaguely aware of Hannibal and Jason — I guess I don’t watch many Halloween-type movies (I frighten too easily, lol). The sketch is excellent, the shading remarkable, those eyes — freakin’ frightening! 🙂


    • I think I have asylums on the brain since I’m daily surrounded by cinder block;)
      Fun fact: Silence of the Lambs – my dad’s cousin has a small part – her character is interviewed by Jodi Foster’s character, Clarice. If memory serves, cousin Lauren is the waitress interviewed. Her name reads Lauren Roselli in the credits. I may have told you this already – can’t remember.:) Lauren also has a bit more of a role in the movie, Philadelphia – she gets to play Denzel Washington’s secretary woowoo;)
      I don’t watch slasher horror like Jason and Freddie – those freak me the hell out too. I do so enjoy my monsters though – give me a good monster transformation and I’m in the front row!
      Blogger G scares the crap outta me and I made him…what the says about me I’m still not sure;)
      Happy Wardsday, my friend.

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  2. Scarey scarey guy. I gasped through my coffee and dribbled a bit on my robe. Now that’s a reaction from your art!!! Interesting poem here….especially on the same day as mine about the macaw flying out the window. Yes indeed, we all do need to seek asylum occasionally in our life. For me, it’s the quiet moments that bring me back. Sadly for some, they never return.


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