in to myself
am I this eve
my brain a bulging mass
of mush gone hard
I candidly admit
friends, here
I am fried
there is no burning pan
nor flame asunder
bubbling lard is not scorching my soul
heat is not harassing my heart
I this eve
am just frazzled to the ends of my hair
and to the tips of my curling toes
that should be cold
down here in the basement

skeleton stallion

skeleton stallion



17 thoughts on “Frieday

  1. A thought: Maybe you should refer to your studio as being not “down in the basement,” but rather “in the lower level” — it sounds, I don’t know, more cozy that way. 🙂
    As for your friedness — of course, of course, and so should you be! You’ve just put in a huge chunk of time teaching. “Frazzled to the ends of [your] hair is … well, pretty frazzled, enit? I do hope a little R&R is coming your way, for your sake, AM.
    You’ve earned it.
    You deserve it.
    You need it.
    ‘Nuff said.
    Happy Frieday!


  2. Of course they called you for high school……and middle school……and grade school! Have you done preschool? They know a good thing… who truly is an artist and one who cares and one who comes ready to meet the challenge! 🙂
    Now….as to this creature today! It reminds me of those little pooches with the high yippee barks…my mom had one of these and the darned thing bit anyone who approached my mom (including the family!). This picture is what many of us would have liked to do to that dog many times!! Evil I am….and his name was, ready for it? Tinker! Yeah, this is fried Tinker!!! Oh, but I vent….must be a hobgoblin spirit grabbing on. Stay cool, my friend! Enjoy the weekend!


    • Thank you, Lillian. I’m cool as a candy corn right now ;). My folks just arrived as we’re set to celebrate my mom’s 80th Halloween B’day at mi casa. My mother-in=law’s ‘suite’ is just about set up. The big son and I (yes, mom is still strong like bull) moved loads of furniture in and got most of her stuff set up this eve. I just snuck down to ye old basement to do a quickie post and then it’s back up stairs…
      You have a fabulous weekend, my friend. Enjoy the colorful street wardrobes tomorrow! Happy Halloween.
      And thank you for the kind words.
      Tinker sounds like a stinker;)

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  3. Happy 80th birthday celebration to your mom, AnnMarie…I know you already do, but remember to treasure your time together. The kidlets who are lucky enough to get you for a sub are blessed, frazzled hair ends and all. I hope you are able to get some R&R this weekend. Hugs – Fawn


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