Miss Direction

Put your trust in the sky
she’s old and has been around
covering the world since inception
Put your faith in the sun
he’s a gentleman who
lives to share his warmth
Put your love under the moon
she will protect your dreams
and all who enter them
Put your human in your hands
let’s give ourselves
a fighting chance
Put your soul in your heart
fighting is for love
not war
Cloven with HeartI’ve shown Cloven several times now, she’s one of my favorites
Sometimes we humans can learn much from our brother and sister
animal friends, if we’d only follow their directions


11 thoughts on “Miss Direction

  1. c is for her curvy exhibition
    love is for the look that’s in her eyes
    n is for her natural disposition
    makes me utter tender little sighs
    Put them anntogether they spell Clo-ven
    The dear who crosses poor old Santa’s eyes!

    Now I know what really made Rudolph’s nose light up… 😊


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