digging deep

Often times we strive for deeper meaning
exchanging heartbeats for assurances
in our relationships
in our careers

in our beds
in our thoughts
in our art
in our spirituality

often times we must content ourselves with just scratching the surface
realizing the deeper we dig
the more heartbeats flutter away

the less light we see from above
lashestake for example this character, not sure where she came from and didn’t think about it while creating her yesterday…


16 thoughts on “digging deep

  1. Guilty as charged.
    But agreed.
    Scratching the surface is all we can do …
    and that brings great sorrow.
    Happy Tuesday!
    P.S.: Another wonderful work of art; glad
    you created her
    whever she


  2. Annmarie, you are always so upbeat and seemingly self assured that you make me feel good everytime I am with you…how wonderful your thoughts are!!!Love, Mom


      • Your welcome AnnMarie. November is going to be a very tough month for me. I have to stay on a med for the full month that has a very bad side effect but until I get into Winter I have to stay on it to keep my sleep okay. The positive is my sleep is better but with a bad side effect like that I can’t stay on it long term.I think it’s a reasonable plan but there are many sleep medications out there for sleep I was kind of disappointed he didn’t just put me on one of them instead of making me endure a bad side effect.


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