billowy tail

this morning, my friend
I thought I heard you
thumping the stairs
more excited for my arrival
than old socks
warm from the dryer
I expected to see you there
a big smile for me
and the new day
rays of sun
reaching with tender heat
my friend
I must remember not to gaze down
to the bottom step
every sunup
the thumps I hear
are not yours
but my heart
stuck in sad echo
still missing you
so I must work harder
at remembering to look up
to find your smile there
Β in a billowy cloud
the one with a thumping tail
ROcky and Mojo head tilt

33 thoughts on “billowy tail

  1. Aww! Beautiful photo of your loving doggies. It’s been over a year that my Sassy passed and the healing has gradually seeped into my heart. Still have moments though.


  2. Lovely, AMRK. “my heart / stuck in a sad echo” is sublime. The echoes of longing, loss. Dog paws like that thumping sound in the dryer, like the thumping heart = excellent descriptions. Rocky, so sweet.


  3. I don’t know if you can stop. The thump and smile will always be there. It’s so difficult. I’m sorry AnnMarie. They are our loves forever. I look at his sweet face and think of all the joy he added to the world. I’m so sorry for your loss.


  4. AnnMarie, I am so sorry forgetting how much you miss Rocky…at the least you know how much he was loved by you and your family…Love you, Mom


  5. So sorry to hear about your shep dying !! I hope he died peacefully and cos of old age ! I know what it’s like when one of your dogs die, they are such true friends ! I’m sure your little dog misses his mate !


      • 7 years is not old !!! the poor thing ! I had several dogs who died of cancer in recent years as I had 4 older dogs at once cos I adopted a few from friends who could no longer look after their dogs so it was 4 death dogs in 2 years I think but they were 14-12,5-13- and 10, now I have 2 four year olds adopted from Spain where they just kill all the dogs who have no owner, even puppies !!! can you believe !!! I hope little Mojo will soon get a new friend, that will cheer him up ! which doesn’t mean Rocky will be forgotten !!


      • Hi Gwen,
        Yes, Rocky was too young. We were fortunate to have him for the short time we did. He was a real love. He had an excellent life – lots of running, family time, neighborhood dog play…
        We will adopt again.
        Thank you for your words here. And thank you for sharing your dog “tails” too. How wonderful you’ve been taking in so many dogs in need.:)
        Have a lovely day.


  6. You will probably always look for him at the bottom of the step; what wonderful memories you have of the good times. Rocky will be waiting for you across the Rainbow Bridge. Hugs to you, AnnMarie. – Fawn


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