wooden ice and sock skates

I slid across my kitchen floor yesterday
wooden ice
sock skates
Mental Ice Capades couture
sparkling red
curling tulle at the hemline
I grinned
then did it again
I sang while gliding
despite missing a few notes
The windows were open
my voice quite loud
In this moment
she did not worry

My mother-in-law giggled
a candle flame
burning brightly
Easy laughter
released from a breast pocket
curlingwas having some fun sketching while on hall duty yesterday

apparently I’m on an Erté kick now – he really was quite fabulous!


14 thoughts on “wooden ice and sock skates

  1. Whether ’tis true or not, this is a nice, sweet moment, AM — a poignant moment. I have good feelings about your m-i-law’s new change, that it will be good not only for her but for you all. The Erte (where’s my accent mark)-inspired drawing is exquisite. (ds)


  2. This is a swirly lady! She makes me smile. Words are so fun! Reminds me of the red slipper-socks Aunt Flo used to knit for us….great for wood floor skating! …. and nice to see your mother-in-law smile here 🙂


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