MeAnn der Ingline

need the Marie
Ann not long enough
for my height
like a line
you might let loose
and watch it grow
into a friend
who you can name
after a chat reveals
her head wants
and heart desires
her name is
curve hornhead
MeAnn der Ingline born while waiting in a waiting room


20 thoughts on “MeAnn der Ingline

  1. First, may I say that Miss MeAnn der Ingline is devine — a character “I think” you should pursue. I’m intrigued with/by her, that’s all I’m saying.
    Second, my friend, MeAnn (lol), very fun word-play on the concept of the “meandering line,” whether it be from medicine (electrocardiogram), surveying, investing, electricity or education (Montessori) — here as used, very creative, clever. May I say you are much more productive in a waiting room than I ever could be. 🙂
    I think I may start calling you MeAnn — re: your free verse, I think it fits! 😉


    • Thank you, D.S.
      just counting down days – almost done – there is a little engine in my head going up a track…I think I can, I think I can…
      Lines seem to be all I ‘got’ of late – who knows – maybe next will be loops 😉
      Hope your writing is going well along with your travels
      Thank you ever – for your kind thoughts here


  2. She droops, she looks so sad to me. Martha Rae lips — do you remember her? Somehow this lady makes me sad.
    And the words…..”what’s in a name?” comes to mind. Although I must admit, I have never ever liked my name. Maiden name was Gruenwald. Lillian Gruenwald — a never-vote-for-prom-queen-kind-of-name is what I always used to say. On the other hand, my mother told me had I been her second girl, I would have been Ernestine. Okay — I’ll live with lillian 🙂


    • Oh, I think – Lillian – is storybook lovely. My name is the most boring out of all my sisters – Grace, Virginia, Dolores – I got stuck with AnnMarie (I lost the space in between for effect;))
      Yes, I think this gal is kinda sad – she looks quite lost too.

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      • “lost the space in between for effect”…..I think there must be a very large percentage of people who do something with their name to claim it as their own….IE I go by Lill with so many of my friends and always say (that’s with two Ls). My cousins, oooh hate to admit, call my Lilly Mae — yep, my mom graced me with that middle name after an aunt. Well, I for one like AnnMarie a lot! 🙂


  3. I always hated my name as a child but grew to love it as I became an adult.
    It’s funny, names that is, and our connection-or lack of-to them. Had a slight lisp as a child, so I couldn’t say my own name without lisping. That said, I prefer my name pronounced with the “s” as a “z” sound that way I didn’t have to lisp.
    Many many years later, the lisp is gone and I am Leslie and Leslie is ME regardless of how it’s pronounced.


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