MeAnn der Ingline

need the Marie
Ann not long enough
for my height
like a line
you might let loose
and watch it grow
into a friend
who you can name
after a chat reveals
her head wants
and heart desires
her name is
curve hornhead
MeAnn der Ingline born while waiting in a waiting room

20 thoughts on “MeAnn der Ingline

  1. First, may I say that Miss MeAnn der Ingline is devine — a character “I think” you should pursue. I’m intrigued with/by her, that’s all I’m saying.
    Second, my friend, MeAnn (lol), very fun word-play on the concept of the “meandering line,” whether it be from medicine (electrocardiogram), surveying, investing, electricity or education (Montessori) — here as used, very creative, clever. May I say you are much more productive in a waiting room than I ever could be. πŸ™‚
    I think I may start calling you MeAnn — re: your free verse, I think it fits! πŸ˜‰


    • Thank you, D.S.
      just counting down days – almost done – there is a little engine in my head going up a track…I think I can, I think I can…
      Lines seem to be all I ‘got’ of late – who knows – maybe next will be loops πŸ˜‰
      Hope your writing is going well along with your travels
      Thank you ever – for your kind thoughts here


      • Line, loops, looloos — whatever, you got it sister. πŸ™‚
        What’s “almost done”? End of month? I tell ya, these schools — if they can keep you on without having to fork out cash for insurance, they’ll do everything in their power to do so. Beware the Ides of Education! lol


  2. She droops, she looks so sad to me. Martha Rae lips — do you remember her? Somehow this lady makes me sad.
    And the words…..”what’s in a name?” comes to mind. Although I must admit, I have never ever liked my name. Maiden name was Gruenwald. Lillian Gruenwald — a never-vote-for-prom-queen-kind-of-name is what I always used to say. On the other hand, my mother told me had I been her second girl, I would have been Ernestine. Okay — I’ll live with lillian πŸ™‚


    • Oh, I think – Lillian – is storybook lovely. My name is the most boring out of all my sisters – Grace, Virginia, Dolores – I got stuck with AnnMarie (I lost the space in between for effect;))
      Yes, I think this gal is kinda sad – she looks quite lost too.

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      • “lost the space in between for effect”…..I think there must be a very large percentage of people who do something with their name to claim it as their own….IE I go by Lill with so many of my friends and always say (that’s with two Ls). My cousins, oooh hate to admit, call my Lilly Mae — yep, my mom graced me with that middle name after an aunt. Well, I for one like AnnMarie a lot! πŸ™‚


  3. I always hated my name as a child but grew to love it as I became an adult.
    It’s funny, names that is, and our connection-or lack of-to them. Had a slight lisp as a child, so I couldn’t say my own name without lisping. That said, I prefer my name pronounced with the “s” as a “z” sound that way I didn’t have to lisp.
    Many many years later, the lisp is gone and I am Leslie and Leslie is ME regardless of how it’s pronounced.


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