what is it you want

what is it you want
insides turned out
limbs astray
hearts cut away from spines
’til the beating stops
praying one day
all are
cloaked and restricted
from a world
created for life to be lived

Know this
the beating will never cease
not in one thousand lifetimes
it is in your head
between the eardrums
the singular
boom, boom, boom
of hatred
the same pounding
of flesh
of tearing
of bodies rendered lifeless
you pray to meet
One who would never
cut hearts away from spines

Earth's Angel

Earth’s Angel

thoughts of peace across the ocean

19 thoughts on “what is it you want

  1. Well said (as per your usual), AM. Paris is just another example of one group foisting their “wants” upon others … leading to tragic, unimaginable results. The world can be a sad place. (ds)


  2. Well expressed, AnnMarie. Acts committed by evil sociopaths in the name of some distorted version of any faith are responsible for much of the wickedness we witness in our small and overcrowded world. Until faith is placed in context instead of given the unquestioning prominence it currently enjoys, we will continue to have such atrocities committed in it various names.


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