game odds

a shiny new toy
perfect doll sliding out of its box
entering a game
sans instruction manual
only pretty little cards labeled
deep dramas
up down friends
frenetic flirtations
in out romances
off we go ’round the board
doll stitches tightening
crossing over and under
the fabric
holding our insides together
sometimes unraveling
when the pink and yellow money
runs out
we don’t collect a vacation
step on a wrong space
and get caught beneath a trap
’round the paces we traverse
gathering pieces along the way
letting others go
when they no longer prove useful

and when we finally reach that place
there’s one last move
the game is over

Heart Jester

Heart Jester

this guy has been ’round the block a few times


9 thoughts on “game odds

  1. Ah, Ye Olde Game of Life, eh. We’re all toys without instruction manuals, I like that a lot (who ever reads instruction manuals, right?). Very nice extended metaphor here, AM. Life really does sometimes feel like a board game — and I’m terrible at playing cards and board games (I get too “bored,” get it?). I really like your confident writing here; your words, pacing, tone is perfect. 🙂


  2. AnnMarie, I love every word you write…on this one I did have to read it a few times and it becomes clarified … why it makes me miss my little children and their toys many, many years ago, I am not sure…these are really words for thinking…Love you, Mom


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