restroom ruminating

Leave it to a small desk
propped in the corner of a long hallway
vanishing to a point
In this bland corridor
classroom doors will soon close
after the cantankerous bell tolls
I feel a bit like Tiny Tim Cratchit
or Cinderella (before the change)
Sitting in a lonely little chair
wishing I was near dead embers
rather than sitting sentry by kiddie restrooms, Period 2
Time to dwell
Time to write
Time to think
Time to ask security guard Frank
what’s going on with his Florida dream
He holds out hope for cheaper citrus
At the far end of the cinder block
a gaggle of giggling girls
is headed outdoors for gym
now called PE
Like revised timeline terms
once AD (Anno Domini/”in the year of our Lord”) and BC (Before Christ)
now BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (Common Era)
We’re living commonly now
Did you know?
I can see through the bolted steel fire door
the rain has stopped
Today while heading home from subbing
I learned not to drive beneath trees with the sunroof open
after a rainstorm
you’d think with all the time I’m spending back in school lately
I’d be a lot smarter by now 😉
sasquatcheven Big Foot finds little rocks to sit on
this guy created last summer with Tombow marker and Prisma pencil


16 thoughts on “restroom ruminating

  1. Okay, now I really, really like this and I’ll tell you why: I love/enjoy the way this piece moves, meanders (there’s that damn ‘meandering’ thing again!) down the hall, to security guard Frank, to giggling girls, to acronyms, to the rain (we’re driving through a shit-storm as I finger-punch these words), to the personal reflection. Ah, AM, I tell ya, this little gem is wrapped in a ribbon with a big froufrou bow on top — what a gift to your readers! It’s perfectly poetic. 😊 [I’ve been downtown Traverse City shopping where the shops are already reflecting the holiday season, hence my influenced prose.] 🎄


    • This one was sitting in the “shitter” 😉 for awhile since the last rain storm – another piece I wasn’t quite sure about. I actually had a morose piece I was gonna hit the pub button on then decided I didn’t want to do sad in that moment.
      Thank you for your holiday kindness, Deb. 🙂
      I hope all is well and the trees are singing for you – I’m sure they are – in holiday harmony now:)
      Yippy, Christmas coming!
      Yippy Yahoo – subbing almost over!!!!


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