code red

She color coded files
to keep the career rainbow in order
blue, history
red, language arts
green, science
yellow, foreign languages
then left her publishing job
to be home with a pink baby
She color coded infant toy baskets
blue, interactive pieces
red, assorted blocks
green, educational soft books
yellow, miscellaneous
the pink baby grew up
and kept a messy closet

She went on
color coding hangers now

to keep part-time employment wear in order
blue, short sleeves
red, long sleeves
green, button blouses
yellow, pants
She woke one morning
to an after rain rainbow
casting light upon her closet
over amber tea
in an ecru mug
her clothes confessed
they were tired of sameness
and so was she
parrotah color me beautiful, just don’t make me crazy;)


19 thoughts on “code red

  1. Ah, my Italian-sister-of-a-different-mother, a way in which we are diametrically opposed: you are neatness incarnate, I am a slob (well, messy to a fault). 🙂

    Your color-coding post here reminds me of when I started dating Bob. He worked construction and owned a wardrobe of flannel. One night we were going out and I asked him why he’d matched a particular flannel shirt to unmatchable pants (wrong color scheme to be sure). He told me the shirt was “the next one up in rotation.” Rotation? He would wear a shirt once and then move it to the end of the line so it didn’t need to be washed right away. And that is how he chose his clothes, according to “roatation.” I can’t tell you how hard I laughed. Later, he went on to color-code his hangers, just as you do, and I must say that is a very smart idea (me, the slob, can’t take the time to look for the right hanger).

    Anyhoo, love your story here. It reminds me of another way in which I think: WWAMD? You’re so darn smart! And organized! 🙂


  2. OOOOh AnneMarie I love this! Is this you? A tiny bit? All the way? Or an imaginative rainbow gal? I love the “pink baby.” My daughter always says she learned how to use legal pads and oranize from my spouse. Funny, as a past debater with a box full of categorized index cards for arguments on the year’s debate topic….maybe I rebelled and lost that organizing skill? Ah, but how appropriate that you (or the rainbow gal in the poem) organizes by colors! Artist supremo that you are! Love the painting too!


    • When I was a multitasking art director, I colored coded out the whazoo! After I left my job to be home with my first child, I did start color coding her baskets. Somewhere along the way I wisely chose sanity over coding and was a much happier person for it. Though, I’ll admit I am still an organizer when there is a job to be done!
      Thank you for your happy-hued words, Lillian.


  3. Ahh ha ha! Made me chuckle! I don’t exactly color code things because I always forget what color is for what then I end up giving up. But I am pretty meticulous about my art supplies. A bin, cigar box or whatever it takes as long as everything has it’s own special place. But I’m only like that with the art supplies.
    Your parrot is outstanding!! The eye, the blending and subtle highlights! Masterfully done.


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