Monstrous Blanket Piles

Well, my friends-
It is Thanksgivingpalooza again…
Boatloads of Italians will begin arriving at my door tomorrow.
The crowd will blossom to 25+ for Thanksgiving then I will have 21 lovely people sleeping under my roof…
Needless to say, my laptop will most likely be lost beneath monstrous blanket piles.
For those who celebrate, I wish you a warm and wondrous holiday. For those who don’t, I wish you lovely days ahead.
If I recover both my laptop and my sanity, I’ll return after a short regroup. 🙂
Thank you.

In the words of my friend, Simon Tocclo of Liberian Me


Behind many holiday histories, both good and bad events exist. When we celebrate, let’s not forget to honor the memories of those who lived through one side or the other.

Squanto art previously published


17 thoughts on “Monstrous Blanket Piles

  1. Thanksgivingpalooza… the word! Enjoy your day, my friend. And then when the door is finally shut, the dishes dried and washed and all that’s left are the crumbs on the table and the laundry piles, sit down and savor a cup!


  2. “Normal” is relative, AnnMarie…and I’m not sure mine are, but I do love them! I’m glad you had a family-filled Thanksgiving. Our gathering was much smaller, but the love quotient was high. Hugs to you — Fawn


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